College Catalog Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

International Education

Increasing student, faculty, and staff understanding of cultures and societies other than the United States is an important objective of SUNY Delhi and the State University of New York. Specifically, students are offered opportunities to grow personally and academically through activities and offerings such as:

  • Credit courses in foreign languages
  • Non-credit and staff programs with international themes
  • Opportunities to travel abroad
  • Interaction with international students on campus
  • Interaction with foreign visiting scholars
  • Library holdings on international and multicultural themes

SUNY Delhi students have access to a wide array of study-abroad programs offered within the SUNY system, as well as our own study-abroad programs in Italy for Delhi Architectural Technology students and in South Africa for Delhi Veterinary Science Technology students.

SUNY Delhi, in turn, attracts students from abroad.  Students from over ten foreign countries attend Delhi, and SUNY Delhi has articulation agreements with universities in Lithuania and in the Republic of Georgia.