Endowed Scholarships and Funds

Endowments to SUNY Delhi make a lasting difference for the college and its students. With endowments, our generous donors help ensure that their most cherished parts of SUNY Delhi will thrive into the future. 

Administrative Services Scholarship Endowment
Paul Aitken Memorial Endowment
Alumni Association Endowment
AmeriCorps Endowment
Peter Annunziato Memorial Endowment
Auto Dealers Scholarship Endowment
Baright Family Scholarship Endowment
William J. Beesmer '63 Scholarship Endowment
Bragger-Briedis Vet Tech Scholarship Endowment
Roger Brain Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Seymour G. and Elizabeth Potter Bowman Endowed Scholarship
Brooks Hospitality Endowment
Karl Brooks Scholarship Endowment
Building Mechanicals Scholarship Endowment
Kathryn Burch Thomson Scholarship Endowment
Walter J. and Anna H. Burchan Memorial Endowment
Walter J. and Anna H. Burchan Nursing Endowment
John P. Caparella Scholarship Endowment
Jan Chichester Scholarship Endowment
B. Scott Clark Endowment
College Association at Delhi Endowment
College Senate Endowment
Community Bank N.A. Scholarship Endowment
Construction Scholarship Endowment in Honor of Dr. Walter Bray
David Cross Endowment
Effie Davis Memorial Endowment
Sherman Decker Memorial Endowment
Chief Perri DeFreece Memorial Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship
Delaware County Incentive Scholarship Endowment
Delaware National Bank of Delhi Endowment
Delhi Telephone Scholarship Endowment
James A. and Jessie Smith Dewar Foundation Endowment
George Dolezel Memorial Scholarship
George Duncan Memorial Endowment
Mary Ellen Duncan Scholarship Endowment
Erpf-Sanford Visiting Scholar and Lecture Endowment
Corey Evenden Memorial Endowment
Faculty Memorial Endowment
Thomas Fedoush Memorial Endowment
Sharon Ferraro Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Michael and Stella Fetchko Memorial Endowment
Scott M. Fichten Endowed Scholarship
Harry Fielder Endowment
Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corporation Scholarship Endowment
Muriel Geidel Endowment
General College Endowment
General Scholarship Endowment
Elbridge Gerry Endowment
Enrico and Helen Giarrusso Memorial Nursing Endowment
Richard and Elaine Giebelhaus Scholarship Endowment
Patricia Gladstone Scholarship Endowment
Sean Grace Memorial Endowment
Joseph and Cheryl Greenfield Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Linda Harrington Scholarship Endowment
Richie Havens Endowment
David ’63 and Sally Heaphy Endowed Scholarship
Anthony ’75 and Linda Mason ’75 Helstosky Scholarship Endowment
Higgins Family Scholarship Endowment
Holiday Inn World Wide/Reed Hotel Scholarship Endowment
Hospitality Department Student Aid Endowment
George Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Kappa Sigma Epsilon Scholarship Endowment Fund
William Kennaugh Scholarship Endowment
Seldon Kruger Scholarship Endowment
Amanda Krzyston Memorial Scholarship
William Kunsela Memorial Endowment
Helen Kutsher Endowment
John W. LaFever Memorial Scholarship Endowment
James and Viola Lane Endowment
Lefkowitz Family Scholarship Endowment
Roland Leidy Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Library Endowment
Long Island Golf Course Superintendent’s Scholarship Endowment
Anna Mabey Memorial Endowment
Grace Mabey Endowment
John Magnuson Hospitality Scholarship Endowment
Harold and Viola McMurdy Memorial Endowment
Sheldon Merritt Memorial Endowment
Morales Family Scholarship Endowment
Jeremy R. Morris Memorial Endowment
Arie Mostert Endowment
Fred P. Murphy Endowment
Laurel Murphy Memorial Endowment
New York State Federation of Home Bureaus Endowments:
   Elizabeth E. Carpenter
   Betty Christian
   Ruth Day/Gladys York
   Norma Garrison Hancock
   Margaret Race Johnson
   Frances C. Ladd
   Eleanor Roberts
   Silver Commemorative
  100th Year Commemorative Scholarship
A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation Vo-Tech Scholarship Endowment
Frederick J. Olsen Endowment
Paul and Judy O’Neil Hospitality Management Scholarship Endowment
Michael Orlando Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lowell Peckham Memorial Endowment
Phi Beta Lambda Endowment
Dr. Josef Powell and Linda (Darling) Powell ’65 Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Walter Collins ’50
Stephen D. Raich Family Scholarship Fund Honoring Professor Charles R. Hunter
Brent Randall Endowment
Resnick Foundation Endowment
Resnick Library and Learning Center Endowment
Neil ’62 and Linda ’65 Riddell Endowed Scholarship
Betsy Robinson Memorial Endowment
Walter Root Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frances Rowe Scholarship Endowment
Roswell Sanford Endowment
Lee Sebring Memorial Endowment
Sheetz Family Scholarship
Society for the Advancement of Management Endowment
Marcus Somerstein Memorial Scholarship Endowment
James E. Stewart Scholarship Endowment
Thomas Stiles Memorial Endowment
Winfield Stone Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lou Tremonti Scholarship Endowment, sponsored by the Friends of Delhi
Amanda Treyz Endowment
George Treyz Endowment
Candace and Robert Vancko Scholarship Endowment
William Wade Engineering and Applied Technology Endowment
Flobert Warren Memorial Endowment
David Waters Memorial Endowment
Douglas Wilcox Memorial Endowment
Harry Wilkerson Memorial Endowment
Ward B. and Martha D. Woolever Endowment
Kevin Zraly Scholarship Endowment