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The SUNY Delhi Intramural & Recreation Office is looking for students who are interested in working as officials for the Intramural Sports Leagues and Tournaments.   

Students should notify the Intramural Coordinator of their interest in becoming an official.  Student Officials will be required to attend the mandatory captain's meeting for the particular sport that they are interested in officiating.  The Intramural Department is also interested in working with students who need to complete internships as part of their course work.  

Students hired to work intramurals will be required to complete an employee packet, which consists of the following forms:  W-4, I-9, Declination of Retirement, and Employment Questionaire.  Students will also be required to submit two forms of identification.  All students hired to work intramurals must have their paperwork completed before they can begin working.  Intramural Officials are paid minimum wage.

The Intramural Coordinator can be reached at Ext. 4604 with any questions regarding employment opportunities.  The Intramural Office is located at 105 Clark Field House.

Beau Bracchy
Intramural Coordinator
Last Updated: 8/17/12