User Account Forms

User Account Forms

SUNY Delhi Employee User Account Policy

This information applies to employees only.

  1. All requests for user accounts must be generated by the supervisor or department head.
  2. For tracking and documentation purposes, requests to create a new user account can only be made by submitting information via the form in Footprints.
  3. All supervisors must report any employee departing employment using the Employee Departure Form in Footprints.
  4. Information to proceed with the creation and setup of a user account is as follows (varies depending on employee type):
  • Employee First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Initial
    (If no middle initial, then use the first initial again. The username is the first 6 letters of the last name, first initial, middle initial. User account names will be created based on the middle initial entered and cannot be changed later.)
  • College 800 ID Number
  • Department Name
  • Campus Phone Extension
  • Location of Employee (Building & Room)
  • Status: Non-Temporary, Temporary or Work Study
  • Date of Employment Start
  • Termination Date Temporary and Work Study
  • Accounts Types Requested

Tickets are to be created within the Footprints ticketing system within Computer Information Systems. Please see correspondence within the tickets for the account information.

Footprints ticketing system: