Windows 7

Connect to DELHI-SECURE with a Windows 7 laptop

  1. Click on the bars in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Click on 'DELHI-SECURE'

  3. Click 'Connect'

  4. Enter your username in the identity box and your password, then click 'OK.'
    • Students:
      • Username: First part of your email address. 
        Ex: jd34 **Note: you do NOT put - only jd34**
      • Password: Bronco Web PIN
    • Faculty & Staff:
      • Username: Network username (First six letters of your last name, first and middle initial) NO 
        Ex: smithjd
      • Password: Network password (you use this at CTRL-ALT-DEL on your campus computer)

  5. You may receive a pop-up that the connection could not be completed, simply click 'Connect'

  6. Open a web browser and type a url in the address bar, this will redirect you to a site to register your device.

  7. The browser will now ask you to register your device, add a description(ex: laptop, iPhone, tablet etc.) and click 'Register'

  8. This will redirect you to a screen noting that your device has been registered.

  9. Important: You must disconnect from this network and re-connect to complete the process.