Parents and Families

Parents and Families

Parents and Families

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Congratulations! Your student has been accepted to SUNY Delhi.

If you're asking, "What now?" Check out the Accepted Student web page for information on what you and your student need to do next.

Tutorial Services & Academic Coaches

There is no reason for your student to struggle. Tutorial Services are available in most introductory level courses for all students. There is no fee for tutoring, and there is no limit to the number of courses or hours your student can receive tutoring. Encourage your student to stop by the Resnick Academic Achievement Center in Bush Hall to find out how to request a tutor, or even become a tutor.

Academic Coaches are here to help your student adjust to academic life, provide study tools, and tutor in English, reading, and science. Coaches are available in the Resnick Academic Achievement Center in Bush Hall. Walk-ins are welcome or your student can schedule a time by calling 607-746-4650 or stopping by. All are welcome!

Health and Counseling Services 

Is your student feeling under the weather? Have they developed flu-like symptoms? Or perhaps they are feeling a little sad or stressed? We are here to help! Insurance is not required to be seen at our clinic in Foreman Hall right on campus. We have both walk-in and scheduled appointments available each day, Monday through Friday. For more information, visit the Health and Counseling Center web page or call 607-746-4690.

Care Packages

A care package is a great way to remind your student that you are thinking about them. Our care package program offers a wide variety of options. Visit the Residence Hall Association website for details.

Student Mailing Address

All on-campus and commuter students are assigned a student mail box. Student mail and packages are sent to their box (not to their Residence Halls) at the Student Mail Center in Farrell as follows:

Student Name
649 Bronco Drive, #____
Delhi, NY 13753-4450

Students can sign up for Bronco Package Express to be notified when packages have been processed and are ready for pickup. Students will be notified through their SUNY Delhi email address. They may log in to Bronco Web and provide their cell phone number to get a text alert as well.

Is your Student Traveling Home on the Trailways Bus?

They can buy their Trailways Bus ticket at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore. We can get them the information you need, so they don't get left behind! Bookstore employees can help students figure out what time their bus departs and from where. Depending on their destination, the bus may stop on campus near Sanford Hall or it may only stop downtown (downtown stops would mean students need to make arrangements to get there).

Barnes & Noble accepts credit cards, Delhi Dollars and cash. No over-the-phone transactions. Students can purchase tickets Monday to Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., when college is in session. Got questions? Please call 607-746-4760. To find the most up-to-date departure times you can also call Trailways at 1-800-858-8555.

Student Employment Opportunities

The college has various jobs available for students on campus every semester. Students should visit the Employment Opportunities web page for current openings and to submit their application online. If they are hired for a job, they will need to fill out employment paperwork including identification for I-9 purposes before they can begin working. Please see the list of acceptable documents on the last page. If students have any questions, they should call the Office of Human Resources at 607-746-4495.

Career Services

You support your student in many ways and we want to assist you in reaching your ultimate goal: to see them succeed! The Career Services Parent web page will introduce you to the Career Development office at SUNY Delhi and help you understand what career-related activities your student should be working on while they are in college and offer some ways for you to help with the career planning process.

Enrollment Verification

The Registrar's Office provides enrollment verification to students to serve as proof of your status as a student at SUNY Delhi. Students may be asked to provide proof of enrollment to an insurer, a loan agency, government entity, or other organization in order to receive or continue to receive benefits. Visit the Registrar's Office web page for further information.

College Calendar

Got questions about when mid-term grades will be submitted? Or how about when your student will be home for breaks? See the College Calendar regarding academic deadlines and college information.


Have you heard your student talk about BroncoCHECK? Our bystander intervention program educates students about their options to intervene in a situation that has the potential to be risky, dangerous, unhealthy or an emergency. Learn more by visiting the BroncoCHECK website and reviewing the brochure.