Faculty and Staff

2009 Faculty and Staff

Back Row, Right to Left:
Bob Seibert, Rick Golding, Victor Sommo, Julee Miller, James Margiotta, Mike Barnes and Tom Recinella
Front Row, Right to Left: Jamie MacNaught, Aliza Rutledge, Lee Heron, Betsy Weidenbach, Tracy Caponera, Don Reynolds, David Brower and Mike Petrillose

Jessica Backus-Foster
                                          Julee Miller
Instructor                                                                Instructor
133 MacDonald Hall                                                  122 MacDonald Hall
(607) 746-4041                                                        (607) 746-4352
backusjj@delhi.edu                                                   millerjb@delhi.edu
Vitae                                                                       Vitae

Michael Barnes                                                     Michael Petrillose
Associate Professor                                                  Dean Hospitality & Business
111 Alumni Hall                                                        111 Alumni Hall
(607) 746-4431                                                        (607) 746-4402
barnesmw@delhi.edu                                                petrilmj@delhi.edu
Vitae                                                                       Vitae

David Brower                                                        Thomas Recinella
Assistant Professor                                                   Associate Professor
107 MacDonald Hall                                                  221 Alumni Hall
(607) 746-4318                                                        (607) 746-4200
browerdc@delhi.edu                                                 recinetf@delhi.edu
Vitae                                                                       Vitae

Tracey Caponera                                                   Donald Reynolds 
Assistant Professor                                                    Instructor
201 Elston Hall (SCCC)                                              133 MacDonald Hall
(518) 381-1416                                                         (607) 746-4403    
caponeta@delhi.edu                                                   reynoldw@delhi.edu
Vitae                                                                         Vitae    

Richard Golding                                                      Aliza Rutledge
Associate Professor                                                   Coordinator Hospitality Dept.
223 Alumni Hall                                                         222 Alumni Hall
(607) 746-4419                                                         (607) 746-4115
goldinrl@delhi.edu                                                      rutledam@delhi.edu

Lee Heron                                                               Robert Seibert
Instructor                                                                 Associate Professor
125 MacDonald Hall                                                   111 Alumni Hall 
(607) 746-4353                                                         (607) 746-4197
herondl@delhi.edu                                                      seiberrc@delhi.edu  
Vitae                                                                         Vitae

Jamie MacNaught                                                  Victor Sommo
Hospitality Program Secretary                                   Instructor
111 Alumni Hall                                                        106 MacDonald Hall
(607) 746-4401                                                        (607) 746-4406
macnaubj@delhi.edu                                                 sommovv@delhi.edu

James Margiotta                                                   Betsy Weidenbach
Instructor                                                                Assistant Professor
133 MacDonald Hall                                                  106 MacDonald Hall
(607) 746-4328                                                        (607) 746-4199
margioja@delhi.edu                                                  weidenbm@delhi.edu
Vitae                                                                       Vitae

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