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Fall 2014 Course Listing

BUSI 345 - Risk Management                                    CRN-11311

Monday4:30 pm – 7:30 pm                                          Instructor: Winfield Westlake

This course describes the concepts available to corporations, non-profit organizations, and other organizations in their efforts to manage pure risks. The course addresses the costs of pure risks and employee benefits (e.g., pensions, health insurance, etc.) and how these costs affect the daily management of a firm as well as long-run profitablilty and survival. The course examines the techniques used by management in dealing with the issues including risk assumptions, prevention, diversification, and transfer via insurance and non-insurance market mechanisms. Prerequisite: BUSI 100 or BUSI 200


BUSI 370 – Financial Management                            CRN-11313

Wednesday, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm                                     Instructor: Stephen Calabrese

This course is designed to give students in bachelor's degree programs the necessary financial management background for entry-level management positions. (This assumes that the students have not completed a normal business administration sequence of course work.) The purpose of the course is to analyze the financial planning process and the financial operating methods available to firms. It provides students with procedures to analyze financial decisions and to assess options available to a firm in an ever changing business environment. Prerequisites: ACCT 125; ECON 100 OR ECON 110


CITA 330 - Web Publishing                                       CRN-11262

Tuesday, 4:30 pm - 7:30pm                                          Instructor: Tammy Smith

This is a comprehensive survey on using Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) to create robust and functional Web pages. Topics include: HTML standards and browser capabilities, information architecture, bandwidth considerations, image formats, image maps, frames, forms, and CGI's and an introduction to technologies for creating dynamic context including JavaScript, Java, ActiveX, and Active Server Pages. The course also includes topics of current interest such as Dynamic HTML and cascading style sheets. Prerequisite: CITA 140



ALL ONLINE CLASSES BEGIN January 20 – Textbooks can be purchased through the main Delhi bookstore online at, Campus Life, Campus Store


ANTH 300 - Survey of World Cultures ONLINE

                   CRN-10829                                        Instructor: David Van Aken

A survey of the major cultures of the world, this course emphasizes analysis and explanation of cultural differences, with the intent of facilitating a greater degree of ease in possible intercultural contact situations. (OWC) Prerequisites: Two social science courses


BUSI 310 – Strategic Management ONLINE        

                   CRN-10692                                        Instructor: Paula Reardon

Course Description: This course is developed around the managerial functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Communications, motivation, leadership, and decision making are included. The course also investigates the nature, purpose, and function of management in organizations. Prerequisites: ACCT 115; ECON 100 or ECON 110


BUSI 343 – Individual Behavior in Organizations ONLINE                   

                   CRN-10491                                        Instructor: Paula Reardon

This course examines the concepts and constructs which form informal and formal theory related to the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations and organizational processes. Emphasis is on basic human processes, motivational theories, stress, group dynamics, power and leadership, organizational structure and change.


BUSI 360 - International Business Management ONLINE

                   CRN-10926                                        Instructor: John Nunes

This course provides students with a general overview of business management concepts on the international level. The global business environment, monetary system, and corporate management issues are explored. Prerequisites: ACCT 115 and ECON 100 or ECON 110       


CITA 475 – Management of Information Technology ONLINE            

                   CRN-10788 & CRN 10762                  Instructor: Bill Williams

Course Description: This course focuses on the relationships between the organization, management, and information technology (IT). Major themes include the strategic importance of IT and the need to align IT strategy with that of the business. Major areas of study are business and IT processes, IT infrastructure, and information systems acquisition, development, and operations. Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of the instructor


CJUS 345 - NY State Criminal Code ONLINE        

                   CRN-11088                                       Instructor: Patricia DeAngelis

The primary purpose of this course is to review and explain what the criminal statutes for the State of New York mean. In addition to the meanings of the criminal code for New York, the course highlights how one applies the code, and the differences among offenses. Prerequisites: CJUS 100 and GOVT 110 or CJUS 150 Restrictions: BS Criminal Justice majors only


CJUS 350 - Comparative Criminal Justice ONLINE

                  CRN-11048                                        Instructor: Patricia DeAngelis

This upper-level undergraduate course provides an in-depth comparative study of the criminal justice systems of selected focus nations. Students will learn about the development of the criminal justice processes of these countries and compare their approaches to policing, courts, and corrections (i.e. arrangements for crime prevention and law enforcement, legal settlement structures, and methods of dealing with convicted offenders). In addition, students will analyze pressing contemporary issues related to international crime and criminal justice. Prerequisites: CJUS 100 Restrictions: BS Criminal Justice majors only


CJUS 360 - Cybr Secr, Info Tech & Law Enforcement ONLINE

                  CRN-11339                                        Instructor: Giacomo Rivituso

Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Law Enforcement: This course explores how a "networked" world has produced new crimes and new responses, and investigates how information technology has become a tool, a target and a place of criminal activity and national secuity threats. Likewise, information technology is a mechanism of response. This course addresses: how emerging technologies challenge existing laws and criminal procedures, how the U.S. and other nation-states regulate criminal conduct across traditional geographic and political boundaries, and what reasonable expectations of privacy are in cyberspace. Special attention is given to how control is shifting from traditional mechanisms of law enforcement to new regulatory regimes, including technology. Prerequisites: CJUS 100 Restrictions: BS Criminal Justice majors only


CJUS 370 - Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice ONLINE

                  CRN-11096                                        Instructor: Steven Krokoff

This course is designed to provide you with an in-depth examination of drug use in American society. The course aims to develop a sociological, pharmacological and historical understanding of drug use. It explores a variety of theories and theoretical orientations that seek to explain both why people use drugs and how society responds to drug use in the population. Emphasis is placed on understanding the historical foundations and philosophical underpinnings of drug prohibition in America. The connection between drugs and crime is examined by focusing on the way drug use and drug policies affect criminal behavior and the criminal justice system. Likewise, it is important for the criminal justice professional to understand the laws pertaining to drug possession and drug sale at the state and federal levels. This includes criminal court, drug court and diversion programs. This course provides criminal justice professionals with a comprehensive background on drugs and their abuses, effects on crime rates, laws and legislation and treatment alternatives. Prerequisites: PSYC 100 or equivalent ,and SOCI 100 or equivalent, and CJUS 100 or equivalent. Restrictions: BS Criminal Justice majors only


CJUS 375 - Victimology ONLINE

                  CRN-11094                                        Instructor: Rachel Seeber

This course examines victimology. Victimology takes a social science perspective in the study of individuals who have been harmed by criminal acts. Topics include the nature of victimization, the sources of victimization data, the role of the victim in victimization and the impact of victimization on the criminal justice system. Prerequisites: CJUS 100 or equivalent Restrictions: BS Criminal justice majors only 


COMM 300 – Organizational Communication ONLINE                          

                   CRN-10533                                       Instructor: Paula Reardon

Course Description: This course is a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of organizational communication and effective public relations. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of organizational communication and effective public relations. Prerequisites: ENGL 100 or ENGL 200 -AND-COMM 100 or DSNY 120 or BUSI 120


ENG 310 - Technical Writing ONLINE

                 CRN-11198                                        Instructor: Mary Jo Downey


                 CRN-11025                                        Instructor: Katherine Wenner

Technical Writing is designed to make students aware of the current writing expectations of employers in technical and industrial situations and to provide students with assignments and instruction to help them meet those expectations. The primary emphasis is on professionalism, understanding how your work reflects your potential for advancement, and achieving precision and conciseness in your work. STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN ENGL 210 MAY NOT TAKE ENGL 310. Prerequisites: ENGL 100 or ENGL 200 & CITA 110 or CITA 130 or permission of instructor


GOVT 150 - Civil Liberties ONLINE

                 CRN-11090                                       Instructor: Paul Rogan


                 CRN-11296                                       Instructor: Scott Swayze

This course examines the role of the judiciary in the American system of government as it relates to such issues as race, poverty, privacy, sex, religion, speech, press, assembly, and the rights of the accused under the Bill of Rights and the 14th and 15th Amendments.


GOVT 300 – Public Policy  ONLINE                    

                   CRN-10830 & CRN 11042               Instructor: Kandi Terry

Course Description: This course is a study of the theories and practice of governmental decision making, and draws on examples of policy making from the local, state, and national levels. The pervasiveness of public policy decisions on individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit institutions will be stressed. The course will examine the causes and consequences of public sector decision making. It will use as case studies contemporary issues in social and technology policy, health care, and environmental regulation. Prerequisite: ECON 100 or ECON 110


HOSP 330 - Hospitality Strategic Marketing ONLINE

                  CRN-10395                                      Instructor: Tracey Caponera

This course is designed around a thorough analysis of employing marketing strategies to gain sustainable competitive advantages within the hospitality industry. Emphasis is placed on internal analysis, assessment of market structure, competitor evaluation, and strategic planning and implementation within a global hospitality market. Case studies are employed to evaluate current trends and assist in applying the theoretical class material to real-world applications. Prerequisite: BUSI 245 or BUSI 262 or HOSP 215


HOSP 470 – Hospitality Management Seminar ONLINE                      

                    CRN-11073                                    Instructor: Tracey Caponera

Course Description: An integrative summary course for senior baccalaureate degree students, this seminar provides an opportunity for students to inquire, research, and contribute as part of a student-oriented, group study program.  Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, shared inquiry, and management games.  Readings relevant to current topics in the industry are required and discussed.


LITR 310 – Great Writers-Frederick Douglass ONLINE                

                  CRN-10772                                      Instructor: Dr. Mary Jo Downey

Course Description:  This course examines the great writers in literature.  Each section will focus on only one writer and provide a comprehensive survey of the writer’s significant texts along with in-depth biographical and contextual information and an overview of important secondary critical material.  LITR 310 may be taken more than once for degree credit.  Prerequisites: ENGL 100 or 200 AND a literature class


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