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Integrated Energy Systems (AOS)(AAS)

Associate in Applied Science Degree
Associate in Occupational Studies Degree

This program of study responds to the evolving nature of career opportunities available to associate level graduates of technology programs. Although fewer jobs are available in general manufacturing facilities, there is growth in regional demand for skilled electrical technicians in fields related to energy systems. Factors such as deregulation of the utility industry, adoption of standards for customer-owned generation, and growth in federal and state incentive programs for renewable energy have all contributed to the creation of career opportunities for electrical technicians with skills and knowledge of utility systems and consumer-owned energy systems.

SUNY Delhi Integrated Energy Systems ProgramThe program will consist of training for electrical technicians on both sides of the consumer electric meter. Students will develop skills to prepare them to work on the overhead electric supply systems maintained by electric utility companies. The utility training will focus primarily on technologies and methods used to deliver electricity from the distribution substation to homes and businesses. Learning outcomes will include skills in metering, service, line construction, and maintenance. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to pursue careers within electric utility companies in our region. The A.A.S. integrates facilities tours, field demonstrations, and hands-on training assisted by a number of New York State utility companies.

Utility Lineman TrainingThe training on residential energy technologies will include distributed generation, alternative and renewable energy, and utility interconnection. Detailed attention will be given to back-up power sources, photo-voltaics, wind energy, and energy storage. Graduates will be qualified for positions with firms specializing in home energy systems, particularly renewable energy systems.

SUNY Delhi’s facility and course is currently accredited to Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) standards by the Accreditation Committee of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

SUNY Delhi houses a 22.5 kW Solar Array, a system of 100 solar electric modules that provide a permanent site for demonstrating renewable energy technology to students preparing for careers in electrical and building construction while offsetting a portion of the college's energy use.   Using an online dashboard, students and the community can see how much energy the system generates in real-time and how many tons of CO2 we are saving from entering the atmosphere. 

Check out the Solar Deck Monitoring System!



Admission Requirements
HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 75
Transfer GPA: 2.0

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