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Student Information

Course Registration
Individuals who have been Accepted into the AOS for IBEW-NECA Electricians program can begin taking the 4 required courses through SUNY Delhi at any time.  The four courses are usually offered on-line during the Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Session.  Search for a course by choosing the semester in which the course will be taken.  Completion of a simple online registration form is all that is required to enroll in a course as a part time student. Standard tuition for offered courses is listed in the cost summary chart on the IBEW homepage.

Contact the Technology Division Office at SUNY Delhi for registration assistance.  Call 607-746-4070.

Online Learning
Vanko Hall is the student portal that all online classes are taken through.  Learn more about Vanko Hall and participate in a brief online learning orientation session by visiting Getting Started with Vanko Hall  

Graduation Requirements
After an accepted student has completed the 12 credits through SUNY Delhi, he or she can ask to be a Candidate for Graduation. The College will then review the applicant’s accomplishments regarding the graduation requirements which are:

If these submissions are satisfactory, the student will be put on the College's "candidate for graduation" list. The College graduates students in December, May, and August.  The applicant will be awarded the A.O. S. Degree in Electrical Construction and Instrumentation from SUNY Delhi and will receive a diploma approximate 6-8 weeks after the month of the official graduation.

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please contact:

SUNY Delhi Admissions

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