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Accepted Student Day: Nursing Orientation

Nursing orientation attendance is mandatory in order to retain a seat in nursing program. Accepted students will be deregisterd for non-attendance.  There will be no exceptions; student's acceptance will be rolled forward to following fall semester.

Health Requirements

Please be aware there are more health requirements for nursing than the rest of the college community due to Federal, State, and clinical site mandates for healthcare providers.

Nursing students are to refer to and submit the following forms to Counseling and Health Services attached to their Health Form by July 1st:

A complete physical and immunization record is required PRIOR to all off campus clinical courses. If there are questions related to these requirements, please call Counseling and Health Services at 607 746 4690. All students participating in the clinical (hospital) portion of the nursing program must have all health records and information sent to Counseling and Health Services, Foreman Hall, SUNY College of Technology, Delhi, NY 13753 by July 1 or students will be permanantly deregistered from classes.

CPR Certification

Proof of certification in CPR for the Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer is required. This must come from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association only. Online programs will not be accepted. Bring your card to campus and submit to your instructor on the first day of class. Do not submit to Student Health Services. Current certification must be in receipt by faculty or it will prevent participation in clinical rotations. Contact your local Red Cross, American Heart Association, or hospital in your community to obtain information of certification programs.

Academic Integrity Policy

If a faculty member discovers that a student has committed an academic integrity violation such as cheating or plagerizing, the procedures outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy of the School of Nursing and the College Academic Integrity Policy. This policy outlines the faculty’s commitment related to academic responsibility, honesty, trust, fairness and respect.  Academic integrity is the responsibility of all faculty and students enrolled in the Nursing program. 

Nursing Program Expenses and Transportation

Expenses associated with enrollment in the nursing program include uniforms, textbooks, ATI enrollment fees, laboratory equipment, etc. Click here for a list of approximate expenses. It is the responsibility of students to obtain their own transportation to each clinical site. In the past, students have arranged to join a car pool, but the ultimate responsibility remains with the student.

Legal Concerns

Nursing is a licensure program and has special requirements for entry and licensure. This information should be utilized when making career choices.  Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor may affect an individual's right to be licensed. Applicants with concerns should contact the Office of the Professions at 518-474-3817.

Technical Standards for Admission

Technical standards describe the non-academic qualifications required for entrance to, continuation in, and graduation with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in nursing from SUNY College of Technology at Delhi. Candidates must be able to meet these minimum standards with or without reasonable accommodation for successful completion of certificate/degree requirements. Candidates must have abilities and skills in five areas:  1) observation; 2) communication; 3) motor; 4) intellectual-conceptual, integrative and quantitative; and 5) behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal abilities.

Progression and Graduation

Associate Degree

Academic qualifications for program progression include a C+ in each nursing course, and a C in all other required courses. The State Education Department requires that minimum academic standards be achieved. The faculty believes the minimum standard is a C+ in nursing. 

A student who withdraws or receives a grade less than a "C+" in any required nursing course will not progress to the next semester, and will need to apply for permission to progress in the nursing program. A student who is unsuccessful in two nursing courses throughout the program, is not eligible for progression. A student will not be permitted to repeat a support course (LA&S) greater than one time. Permission for progression is not guaranteed and is based on selective readmission criteria (seat availability, minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, strength of statement). Students may be permitted to apply for progression to the program a maximum of one time.

Dual Degree

Dual degree progression policy is available on the Vancko Hall Dual Degree Advisement site. The progression policy is based on whether the student is pre- or post-licensure.

Clinical Safe Practice and Conduct Policy

There is a safe baseline of performance and professional behavior which students must demonstrate at all times. The client must receive a safe standard of care. Any factors that compromise safe patient care or unprofessional behavior may result in the student being removed from the practice setting, and may prevent the student from meeting course objectives.  

Dress Code

Official school uniforms are to be purchased from Required order from Meridy’s uniforms includes: 1 hunter green scrub top, hunter green slacks or white skirt, and 2 student name pins. Click here to for uniform ordering information.

Weather-related on-campus class cancellation

Again, this procedure only pertains to classes on campus, not off-campus clinical

Liability Insurance

Freshman students will be required to obtain and show documentation of professional liability insurance prior to beginning clinical rotations.  An application must be submitted to Proliability. Please note: the student must be able to provide a social security number to obtain this insurance.

Student Board

The faculty is committed to the development of collaborative student faculty partnerships, and fostering a learning environment that allows for professional growth and development on the part of both student and faculty. Therefore, a student board has been established to foster an exchange of ideas, communicate exciting programmatic changes, and allow students to express suggestions to the Dean and faculty representatives. This forum is a regularly scheduled structured meeting between students and faculty that facilitates communication, problem-solving, mutual respect among members of the board. Student members are comprised of 4 freshman, 4 seniors, faculty representation will include the Dean and freshman/senior faculty representation, and faculty and student representation will rotate on a semester basis. Meetings are scheduled at least monthly with more frequent meetings as needed.

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