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Because the student is the most important member of the SUNY Delhi community, the college is committed to student success through academic achievement, civic engagement and experiential learning. 

of Nursing Program

The mission of the SUNY Delhi Nursing Program is to provide quality nursing education that prepares students as registered nurses with civic responsibility, who will contribute toward employment demands in the healthcare community. 


Our program is guided by constructivist theory and grounded in evidenced based practice paradigms. Our educational approach toward our nursing students is prescriptive, such that students follow carefully designed courses and programming steps; however, the role of constructivism in our program is one that the student is able to make decisions about his or her educational needs and be an active participant in that educational process. Constructivism is used to ground the acquisition of knowledge and define the learning process (Dantanio & Beisenherz, 2001).  Constructivism as a programmatic educational theory, allows the student to be a part of the learning process and not simply have knowledge delivered to the student (Legg, Adelman, Mueller, & Levitt, 2009).

We, the faculty, are committed to an educational process and positive learning environment of mutual respect that facilitates student success.  Through the development of collaborative student faculty partnerships, a learning environment is fostered that allows for professional growth and development on the part of both student and faculty; the faculty have a unique role in helping students construct knowledge (Brandon & All, 2010). We recognize the individuality of each student; that students bring a richness of life experiences, diversity, values, beliefs, and ideals; and therefore, are committed toward cultivating the uniqueness of each individual student.  We acknowledge our responsibility to uphold the scholarly ideals and ethical standards of the nursing profession.  Our fundamental responsibility is to facilitate a collaborative learning environment of inquiry and discovery whereby students practice nursing with compassion, excellence, vision, enthusiasm, and integrity.  We believe learning is a lifelong dynamic process involving interactions among the learner, teacher, and environment.  Therefore, interactions are designed to provide the opportunity for each learner to advance toward professional goals.

The organization of the program moves from simple to complex using a curriculum framework.  The program framework is modeled through the following concepts: client, healthcare system, and nursing profession which operate in dynamic interaction. The centrality of the nursing process is integral at all levels of the curriculum with the learner expected to be active in creating their own knowledge, develop increasing expertise from first semester through fourth semester, with a focus on the NLN competencies for graduates of associate degree nursing programs.





Admission Requirements
HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 80
Biology Regents: 80
English Regents: 80
Transfer GPA: 3.0
Test of Essential Academic
Skills V (TEAS)

SUNY Curriculum Code: 0622

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P 607-746-4490
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