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Veterinary Science Course List

Veterinary Science Technology - AAS

All Veterinary Science majors have an advisor in the program with whom they must consult regularly in planning their semester coursework. The total number of courses required for the AAS is 26, with 66 total credit hours.  The Veterinary Science program also offers concentrations and academic options including Business, Cornell Connection / Transfer Option, & Laboratory Animals.  Specific courses are by advisement for each concentration (see concentration pages in College Catalog).  Below is a list of coursework that is typically required for the core curriculum in Veterinary Science Technology AAS.

Major Course Requirements:

• Medical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians (VETS 115)
• Introduction to Veterinary Science (VETS 120)
• Small Animal Care (VETS 131)
• Large Animal Care (VETS 132)
• Animal Anatomy and Physiology (VETS 140)
• Introduction to Research Animal Techniques (VETS 160)
• Parasitology (VETS 171)
• Clinical Physiology (VETS 180)
Preparation for Veterinary Technology Preceptorship (VETS 198)
• Veterinary Technology Preceptorship (summer session) (VETS 203)
• Animal Care II (VETS 204)
• Clinical Laboratory Techniques (Lecture) (VETS 205)
• Clinical Laboratory Techniques Laboratory (VETS 210)
• Farm Animal Nursing (Lecture) (VETS 230)
• Farm Animal Nursing Laboratory (VETS 235)
• Surgical Nursing and Anesthesia (Lecture) (VETS 238)
• Surgical Nursing and Anesthesia Laboratory (VETS 239)
• Diagnostic Imaging (VETS 245)
• Veterinary Clinical Management (VETS 250)
• Veterinary Medical Nursing (VETS 255)

Additional Courses:

Liberal Arts and Science Requirements

• General Microbiology (BIOL 230)
• Introductory Chemisty I (CHEM 120)  or General Chemistry I (CHEM 180)
• Freshman Composition or Advanced Composition (ENGL ___)
• Mathematics by advisement (MATH ___)
• Public Speaking (COMM 100)
• Humanities / Social Science Elective by advisement (____ ___)

**Note that this information may change at any time. For detailed academic information, visit the College Catalog.

Admission Requirements
HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 78
Biology Regents: 78
English Regents: 78
Transfer GPA: 2.5
Clinical Experience Recommended

SUNY Curriculum Code: 0521

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