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SUNY Delhi Architecture StudentSUNY Delhi provides a pragmatic and integrated curriculum for educating future architects. The core architectural design sequence challenges students to solve increasingly complex building design projects, with both theoretical, and real programs, typically on real sites, and often for actual clients, while introducing and integrating a broad spectrum of essential architectural issues. Emphasis is placed on the importance of recognizing, understanding, and working in consonance with, the physical and cultural context of each design project to arrive at appropriate, functionally well resolved, aesthetically engaging, and ultimately buildable, solutions.

The integrated approach at Delhi places special focus on the implications of, and actual process of, constructing the built environment. During the first two years students take a broad array of primarily hands-on, laboratory and studio based, introductory courses in construction methods and materials, engineering and technology, production drawing, design graphics, architectural design, and architectural history. The third and fourth years are design studio intensive years during which students explore a variety of building typologies, as relevant to the increasingly challenging design projects under consideration, supported by additional advanced technical, and liberal arts courses.

We believe that this broad, well-rounded, approach best prepares students to become competent, productive members of the architectural profession, while admirably fulfilling the SUNY Delhi mission to educate “clear thinkers, and productive citizens who are prepared for service, leadership, and successful careers.”







Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Geometry Regents: 75
Recommended: Trig,
Physics, & Studio Arts
Transfer GPA: 2.3
Portfolio Required

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1852

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