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Information Technology Management

Bachelor of Business Administration - Information Technology Management  

The Field

Today and in the future, all businesses need graduates who can work with and manage modern computer systems at a technical level. Employees who are proficient in both information technology and functional areas of business have a wide range of career options. The increased use of mobile computers and personal computers in the home, the expanding PC networks in the work-place and the omnipresence of the Web are continuing to create many new career specializations. SUNY Delhi's array of Information Technology (IT) programs are designed to provide students with the necessary applied knowledge and skills to pursue specific interests and career and educational goals. Students gain experience and develop expertise in a variety of areas depending on their choice of electives. 

Program Summary

The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management program is to prepare students for employment in information technology as managers, supervisors, and project team leaders. With today's businesses depending on a strong alliance between information systems and the functional areas of the business, graduates with skills in both these areas are in great demand. The BBA program is designed to train management professionals who are proficient in the use of computers and computational techniques, while also providing in-depth training in management theory, concept, and practice as they apply to the management of information technology. 

This program provides professional training for students who wish to combine information technology with other disciplines including operations, marketing, sales, financial management, and human resources. The combination of technology and a broad-based business background provides increasing opportunities for graduates in a wide range of industries. A full-semester internship is an elective possibility for this program.

The bachelor's degree program described above does not replace the associate's degree program in computer information, but rather builds upon it. Students may enter as freshmen or apply for transfer into the program after earning an associate's degree and providing they meet the entry performance qualifications. As in any field, increased levels of education and experience improve one's chances for professional and managerial advancement.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Delhi Computer Club. It provides an extracurricular organization for students interested in the broad range of computer-related technologies.  Activities include LAN-based computer gaming, web site development, special computer projects, and opportunities to provide technical support to both the campus and the community.  Students complement their academic experience by sharing their interests and engaging in a variety of technical pursuits.

Each student is also assigned a faculty advisor who will assist and guide them through their educational experience. 






Admission Requirements

HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
English Regents: 75
Science Regents
Transfer GPA: 2.3

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1624

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