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College Catalog Fall 2006 - Spring 2007
Undeclared Option

The Instructional Program

In order to help students who are uncertain of their goals find the educational path that best suits them, SUNY Delhi offers an Undeclared Option.

The Undeclared Option gives students who have yet to establish clear academic goals a chance to explore the educational opportunities available to them. Students may defer choosing a major until their sophomore year while they explore different academic areas and receive the support they need to find a major. The Undeclared Option ensures academic integrity for deciding students while creating a map for success with intensive academic advisement.

After a maximum of one year or 32 credits, and with the assistance of an academic advisor, a student in the Undeclared Option is required to declare a specific major and transfer to that program. Students who are unable to decide after the maximum allowance of credits will still have the option to enroll in SUNY Delhi's General Studies A.A. program.

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