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College Catalog Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
Golf Course Operations:
Technical Standards for admission, progression, and graduation

Technical standards for this program have been developed to help students understand the minimum essential mental, physical, and behavioral skills necessary for participation in and completion of all core aspects of our curriculum. Candidates must be able to meet these minimum standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, for successful completion of certificate/degree requirements.

Thinking Skills

General:  Solve complex problems through analysis and synthesis of problem elements into coherent solutions.


Sensory/Observation skills

General: Use sensory cues to distinguish when something is not operating properly or is not normal.

Specific: Develop solutions from observation and through effective oral presentations, graphic illustrations, and written reports.


Motor skills

General: Possess mobility and manual dexterity to safely operate equipment; must possess mobility, strength and dexterity to use hand and power tools in an outdoor setting.

Specific: Be able to operate and control complex equipment/machines, and to lift and move heavy loads.

Communication skills

General: Communicate to gather and convey information.



Behavioral skills

General: Behave appropriately in both self-directed and shared-learning environments.



Environmental tolerance

General: Function safely in outdoor/indoor labs and design studios.


Work for prolonged periods amidst:



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