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College Catalog Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
Licensed Practical Nursing - Certificate

The Field

Nursing involves the care and counsel of the ill and injured, the maintenance of health, and the prevention of illness. Delhi's Nursing programs prepare graduates to become licensed practical nurses (LPN) or registered nurses (RN).

In New York State, the LPN must practice under the supervision of a doctor or an RN.  Registered nurses may practice in a greater variety of settings and with more autonomy. Such care is dependent on knowledge of the liberal arts and biological, physical, and social sciences. Therefore, the Nursing programs require instruction in these disciplines.

The Instructional Program

While enrolled in the A.A.S. in Nursing degree program, students may elect to earn a one-year certificate in Practical Nursing.  This consists of the successful completion of the first two semesters of the A.A.S. degree program.  The certificate combines classroom instruction with on-site clinical experience. It's an energized approach that covers a broad range of basic skills and fosters a professional commitment to quality patient care. Clinical experiences at area hospitals and healthcare agencies provide opportunities for direct, holistic patient care. Students who earn a certificate in Practical Nursing are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination.  A student interested in earning the certificate must discuss this option with their academic advisor as soon as they are enrolled in the A.A.S. degree program.

Career Options

Students who earn a Practical Nursing certificate find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, infirmaries, physician's offices, private healthcare agencies, and home health agencies.


Curriculum - The first year of the A.A.S. in Nursing.


Certificate Requirements: 37 credit hours, a grade of C+ (75) or better in each Nursing course, a grade of C (70) or better in all other required courses, and a Pass in all clinical courses.

Technical Standards:  In addition to academic requirements, all applicants must also be able to meet the minimum Technical Standards for the program, with or without reasonable accommodation.


Admissions Requirements - Admission into the A.A.S. in Nursing degree program.


Student Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Practical Nursing certificate program should be able to:

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