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Multicultural Club
Multicultural Club

Jessica Backus-Foster, Club Co-Advisor

Students say that they chose SUNY-Delhi for its diversity. Students from different backgrounds enrich campus life in so many ways.  The Multicultural Club, formed in 1999, is a club recognized by the Student Senate and is open to all students who are interested in meeting people of various nationalities and cultures in an informal setting. The Multicultural Club's mission is:

Multicultural Club members organize a variety of fun activities. Each spring they take a weekend trip to a major city, such as New York, Boston, Montreal, and Philadelphia. They also plan day trips to various destinations. Since we are located in the glorious Catskill Mountains, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities are natural choices. We also visit museums, go shopping and participate in other recreational and educational excursions. In addition, members also contribute to community service projects, host international dinners, give workshops, and collaborate with other student groups on projects.

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Jessica Backus-Foster, Club Co-Advisor at 607.746-4041





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