Veterinary Science Technology

Veterinary Science Technology

Veterinary Science Technology Faculty

Mission Statement

We, the dedicated professional educators of the flagship veterinary science technology program, strive to educate our students to be the best veterinary technicians in the nation, providing high-quality, compassionate veterinary nursing care.

We encourage the continuous growth of our students, and we seek to enhance their appreciation of the human-animal bond through their education and community service.

In generating this premier educational environment, we provide our students opportunities to explore the broad diversity of the profession and we instill in them a passion for lifelong learning.

The Faculty and Staff of the Veterinary Science Technology Program 

Meckel, Barrett, DVM, Dean/Professor
104 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4306,

Murphy, Katherine, DVM, Program Director/Associate Professor
160 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4272,

Wolfe, Judy, Office Assistant 1
104 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4411,

Balcom, Andrea, DVM, Assistant Professor
158 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4426,

DeWitt, Kathryn, AAS, LVT, Instructional Support Associate
134 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4433,

Dutton, Emily, DVM, MS, Assistant Professor
155 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4269,

Franks, Alan, BS, LVT, LATG, Professor
154 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4331,

Frisbee, Elizabeth, MPH, LVT, Associate Professor
137 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4395,

Hannum, Theresa, AAS, LVT, Instructional Support Associate
156 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4437,

Howard, Jacqnene, MBA, LVT, Instructor
136 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4305,

Lukovsky, Jennifer, DVM, Assistant Professor
153 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4423,

McKee, Erica, BBA, LVT, Facility Manager, Instructional Support Specialist
232 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4414,

Ogborn, Kathleen McLean, MS, LVT, Professor
157 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4298,

Pyle, Kenneth, BS, LATG, Associate Professor Emeritus
153 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4271,

Reinhardt, Jeanette, MA, LVT, Assistant Professor
157 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4408,

Retallick, Alyse, BS, LVT, Instructional Support Technician
238 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4209,

Scharling, Jill, MS, Ed, LVT, Instructor
158 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4407,

Schiavo, Jessica, MLAS, LVT, RLATG, Assistant Professor
154 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4302,

Scobie, Carolyn, BBA, Instructional Support Specialist
238 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4396,

Sherman, William, AAS, LVT, Large Animal Teaching Facility Manager, Instructional Support Specialist
154 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4417,

Spickerman, Patricia, BS, LVT, Instructional Support Associate
134 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4332,

Taggart, Heather, AAS, LVT, Instructional Support Associate
207 Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4385,