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The PGM Program at SUNY Delhi requires it's students to complete four different internships, which provide them with practical, hands-on-experience.  These internships not only complement classroom learning, they provide students with valuable networking opportunities for future employment.

The internships are full-time (40 hours per week) and each student must be registered in an internship class (PGMB 182, 282, 382, or 482) to receive academic credit.  All internships are completed under the direction and guidance of the PGM Staff along with a qualified PGA Professional or mentor at the approved facility.  Before a student is placed as an intern, the site must be reviewed and approved by the Internship Coordinator.    

hlywa essex county

Kyle Hlywa is currently completing his final internship at the Essex County Club located in Manchester, MA.  Essex County Club is the number five ranked club in the state of MA.


Students have the opportunity to choose from numerous facilities around the country including country clubs, resorts, public and municipal courses, military golf facilities, and PGA Section Offices.  By completing internship assignments, students receive on-the-job training and academic credit as outlined in PGM curriculum.

2016 Student Internship Sites:

New York





South Carolina







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