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Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

The courses in the Veterinary Technology Management Program are designed around the following areas of study with an emphasis on management and animal facility orientation. Our state of the art curriculum is delivered by experienced veterinarians, veterinary technicians, or laboratory animal professionals.

Flexible scheduling allows students to advance at their own pace with opportunities to begin the program in fall, spring, or summer semesters. Students are also able to study at any time of the day while continuing to work as there is no residency requirement with this program.

Required Courses to be taken at SUNY DELHI

Course No.            Course  Credit Hours

Veterinary Tech Management Courses:
  VETM 301 Introduction to BBA Online Program 1
  VETM 302 Laboratory Animal Species 3
  VETM 306 Veterinary Technology Human
Resource Management
  VETM 307 Veterinary Supervision of Human Resources 3
  VETM 310 Veterinary Applications of Financial Planning, Marketing, and Strategic Planning 3
  VETM 320 Veterinary Management Law 3
  VETM 330 Veterinary Client/Public Relations 3
  VETM 340 Veterinary Facility Management 3
  VETM 345 
  VETM 346
Veterinary Organization of Practice 
Vivarium Operations (Pilot Course)
  VETM 350 Technician Manager Internship 4
  VETM 360 Veterinary Laboratory Animal Management 3
  VETM 361 Veterinary Research Animal 3
   Total 35


Required Courses that can be taken at Empire State College or SUNY Delhi

Course No.            Course Credit
 ECON 100 / 110 Macroeconomics / Microeconomics 3
  ACCT 115 Financial Accounting 3
  ACCT 125 Managerial Accounting 3
  BUSI 210 Business Law 3
  BUSI 245 Marketing / Marketing Principles 3
  BUSI 255 Principle Advertising or
Marketing Communication Sales Promotion
  BUSI 310 Strategic Planning 3
  BUSI 343 Individual Behavior in Organizations 3
General Education
  COMM 300 Organizational Communications 3
  COMM 310 Argument and Debate or Comm Analysis 3
  PSYC 300 Organizational Psychology 3
  GOVT 300 Public Policy 3
  Total 36

*Please click on each course to view the course description

Minimum Degree Requirements: 120 Credits


Minimum requirements to be considered for admission Transfer GPA: 2.3
Licensed Vet Tech
Certified LATG
Certified SRT
Other Requirements

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1742

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