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Mission and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission of the College

The mission of SUNY Delhi is to provide its students with academic opportunities that yield clear thinkers and productive citizens who are prepared for service, leadership, and successful careers.

Mission of the Program

A graduate of the Veterinary Technology Management: Distance Learning B.B.A. program will be able to do the following: 

  1. Demonstrate skills in leadership, team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, organization, and time management.
  2. Demonstrate communication skills including verbal, written, listening, and public speaking. Create a simple mission statement that is effective in communicating the facility purpose and direction, providing a framework for facility and employee performance, customer information, marketing strategies, and planning direction.
  3. Manage human resources including skills in hiring, scheduling, training, motivating, evaluating, disciplining, and discharging employees. Create job descriptions and employee manuals.
  4. Manage and oversee facility finances including accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and payroll. Prepare financial reports for supervisors, external financial institutions, and legal entities. Organize, analyze, and compare facility financial data. Create future projections and budgets to assist in short- and long-range planning.
  5. Measure, modify, and improve client and customer satisfaction. Respond to customer complaints. Educate clients and customers about facility services.
  6. Develop, distribute, and evaluate grief management program.
  7. Manage a cost-effective inventory-control program including consideration of rollover; sales representatives; cost-saving opportunities; ordering, storing, recording, pricing, and dispensing products and medications.
  8. Maintain facility equipment and physical space. Establish and evaluate protocols for operation and maintenance of facility equipment. Develop cost-effective replacement and improvement plans. Create, coordinate, and evaluate a facilities maintenance plan.
  9. Assist in creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Manage MSDS forms; manage medical and hazardous material procurement, storage, use, and disposal. Develop emergency, disaster, hazard, and safety communication plans for the institution.
  10. Create, manage, and evaluate a cost-effective risk management program.
  11. Maintain an appropriate program for safe and cost-effective purchase, storage, handling, use, recording, and disposal of controlled substances reporting to local, state, and federal agencies.
  12. Assist in facility planning. Develop strategies to evaluate and measure demographics, predict needs for new services and products as well as predict changes in the amount of need for services and products currently provided.
  13. Assist in developing a marketing plan to inform clients and potential clients of products and services, both new and current, that your institution offers. Develop marketing strategies that take advantage of websites, e-mail, and other forms of advertisement.
  14. Create and communicate SOPs (standard operational procedures) for all procedures of the facility's operation including Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee compliance.


Minimum requirements to be considered for admission Transfer GPA: 2.3
Licensed Vet Tech
Certified LATG
Certified SRT
Other Requirements

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1742

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