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Select the school you are transferring from to see a list of equivalent SUNY Delhi courses. If you do not see your course listed, that doesn't mean you won’t receive credit. We update our list continuously.

Please Note: Equivalencies are subject to change at any time.

When you access a college, click on the school's name.  It will give you a full listing of the approved transfer equivalents.  In order to determine if a course is transferable with the accurate gened, select the yellow  box under "NOTE" (located next to the course information) and it will give you the division attribute and/or general education attribute as it is applicable to the course.

Division Attributes:

AATE - Acct Assoc Tech Elective                   ITRE - Info Tech Restricted Elective
ARTS - Arts Elective                                    ITTE - Info Tech Elective
BATE - Business Admin Tech Elective            ITUP - Info Tech Upper Elective
BSS - Behavioral Social Science                   LANG - Language Elective
BUSI - Behavioral Social Science                  LASC - Liberal Arts Science Elective
COMM - Communications                             LAUP - Liberal Arts Science Upper Elective
ENGL - English Elective                                LITR - Literature Elective
GMEL - GMBA Elective                                 LSCI - Lab Science Elective
HBBE - Hosp BBA Business Elective              MATH - Mathematics by Placement
HBCE - Hosp BBA/AAS Culinary Elective        NBSS - Non Behavioral Social Science
HBHE - Hosp BBA/AAS Hotel Elective            PEAC - Physical Education Activity
HBRE - Hosp BBA/AAS Rest/Hosp Elective     PREL - Park & Rec Elective
HBTE - Hosp BBA/AAS Tech/Re Elective        SCIE - Science Elective
HUMN - Humanities                                     SS - Social Science Elective

General Education Attributes:

GE1 -GEN ED Mathematics
GE2 -GEN ED Natural Science
GE3 -GEN ED Social Science
GE4 -GEN ED American History
GE5 -GEN ED Western Civilization
GE6 -GEN ED Other World Civilization
GE7 -GEN ED Humanities
GE8 -GEN ED The Arts
GE9 -GEN ED Foreign Language
GE10 - Basic Communication


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