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February 23, 2011

Delhi College Senate

Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2011

Quorum established at 4:16 p.m.

Senators Present:

Babcock, S., Backus-Foster, J., Ball, A., Carlson, S., Contreras, Y., DeFreece, M., Dougherty, D., Goodwin Burwood, L., Hamblin, T., Hodges, E., Levitt, C., MacLeod, K., Mitchell, A., Morgan, J., Ogborn, K., Poe, S., Shoemaker, S., Sivers, D., Stein, D., Swayze, S., Tessier, J., Thompson, A., Wake, M.

Senators Absent:

Burgess, J. (no proxy), McKenna, M. (no proxy), Sohns, A. (no proxy), Zuber, K. (no proxy)

Guest: C. Vancko, J. Nader, M. Schneider

President’s Report:

• Russell Hotzler, President of NYC College of Technology will be the chair of SUNY Delhi’s Middle States visitation

• Budget

• Working hard to deal with the issue

• 10% cut and no tuition increase was a shock to all SUNY colleges

• SUNY Delhi is anticipating a $1.1 million cut

• Looking for ways to generate additional income

o growth in the online BSN program

o exploring new partnerships with community colleges

• Hard decisions will have to be made but SUNY Delhi is committed to full-time faculty and staff

• Comments:

o When was the last tuition increase?; Vancko: three years ago but only 10% went to SUNY, concerned with depleting reserves

o Any insight on not having the tuition increase?; Vancko: Governor surprised the Chancellor with no increase, Governor is protecting families from an additional burden

o Is Obama getting rid of the Pell grant?; Vancko: No, there will be a ceiling on the grant amount, no summer or graduate Pell and TAP eligibility for 2 year students will be reduced unless student is in a nursing program

o Are there alternatives that have been suggested?; Vancko: A lot of these decisions have been conducted behind closed doors, the only hope is to look at the budgets of SUNY and CUNY to see if there is a disproportion amount of funding going to CUNY

• Common Hour— discussion turned over to Provost Nader

• Not a perfect solution but the best that could be done

• Volunteer committee working on programming ideas; they would welcome ideas from all faculty and staff

• Looked for a time that allowed the most participants and maximized the use of the Common Hour

• Comments:

o With respect to the intent, some classes/students many need to attend classes during that time because of lab hours; seems appropriate that it is on a division by division basis; is there a plan as to where all the participants will meet?; Nader: Can meet in Farrell Commons or Okun Theater

• General Education requirements

• Draft version available; only impacts four year students; should help with student mobility to other colleges and between degree levels

• Budget impacting schedules

• Fall 2011 may see some changes to the schedule with fewer offerings to help contain extra service and adjunct costs

o Criminal Justice program at SCCC waiting for the Governor’s signature

o BSN program expanding

o Rational tuition – access and affordability can cause a barrier for students and families

o Online offerings – any summer class offering ideas should be shared

o Comment: the campus closing on the 2nd Wednesday of classes was done very well and timely

Introduction of New Senators


• Yearend report

• Helped the campus assess readiness, new projects and areas outside the current scope of CIS, looked at costs and use of campus resources

• Trying to be more assertive in projects/cost by looking through unit plans for all technology projects as a liaison between departments and CIS

• Change in CIS leadership; a rubric for CIS interactions and how technology will be used in development

• new direction -- equal consideration for all projects and a way to simplify the process

• Comment: projects in pipeline not being acted on so this new process will hopefully help to streamline the process and get things moving

 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the December 14, 2010 meeting minutes (S. Swayze), seconded ( S. Babcock); abstentions – M. Wake and K. MacLeod; approved

Curriculum Committee

Motion: T. Hamblin; seconded: M. Wake; approved


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to increase the direct practicum hours from 30 to 45 for NURS 301 Health Assessment was approved. It is noted that this will not change any credit hours.


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to increase the direct practicum hours from 36 to 45 for NURS 401 Community Health Nursing was approved with the addition in the pre-requisites to include all 300 level NURS and ALTH courses.   It is noted that this will not change any credit hours.

Motion: M. Wake; seconded: T. Hamblin; approved


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to increase the credits for UNIV 300 Orientation to Online BSN from 1 to 3 credits was approved.   It is noted that this will not change the total credit hours of the program. Adjustments will be made in the credits coming in from the two year programs.

Motion: T. Hamblin; seconded: J. Backus Foster; approved


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to change the prerequisites for the ENST 280 Environmental Studies Internship from BIOL 130 and one of CHEM 120, 125 or 180 to sophomore status was approved.

Motion: J. Tessier; seconded: M. Wake; opposed: M. DeFreece; abstention: A. Thompson; approved


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal for a new math course MATH 105 Math for Elementary Teachers I was approved.


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal for a new math course MATH 106 Math for Elementary Teachers II was approved. Approval will be sought for general education #1..


 February 1

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to replace the current math requirements in the Early Childhood and Childhood Education majors from College Algebra and Statistics to MATH 105 and Math 106 Math for Elementary Teachers I and II was approved.



















• Elections -- voting to fill vacancies on committee (ballots completed)

Old Business

• Elections – welcome to new members

• No current bylaws statements regarding a committee chair be in attendance to give committee reports; any additional discussion on this topic is welcome

• Proposed Bylaws change pertaining to the service of MC staff – postponed until further notice; campus wide discussion to commence

Adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Next meeting March 13, 2011

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Jared Yando, Presider

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