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March 28, 2011

College Senate
March 28, 2011

Quorum established at 4:15 p.m by Presider J. Miller

Senators Present:  S. Babcock, J. Backus-Foster, A. Ball, J. Burgess, M. DeFreece, D. Dougherty, T. Hamblin (proxy held by S. Swayze), E. Hodges (proxy held by J. Morgan), C. Levitt, K. MacLeod, M. McKenna, A. Mitchell, J. Morgan, K. Ogborn, S. Poe, S. Shoemaker, D. Sivers, D. Stein, S. Swayze, J. Tessier, A. Thompson, M. Wake, K. Zuber

Senators Absent: S. Carlson, L. Goodwin-Burwood, A. Sohns

Motion to accept the March 14, 2011 meeting minutes with a change to the IAB elections as completed.  Motion: S. Babcock; seconded: J. Burgess. 

New Business

Bylaws Change

Proposed By-Laws change - new items in blue; strikethrough to be replaced

Section 2. General Duties and Responsibilities of Committees

A. Committees will deliberate upon and frame specific recommendations upon issues assigned by the executive Committee and/or perform other duties specific to their mission.

B. All committee reports will be presented to the executive committee in a timely manner. Only the general status will be given for those reports containing confidential material.

Section 3. General Duties and Responsibilities of committee Chairs

A. Committee chairs are responsible for leading their committees, conducting committee meetings, insuring ensuring that their committees are fully staffed and functioning effectively, and for reporting interim and final findings to the Senate." Frequency and time of reporting out to the Senate shall be determined jointly by committee chairs and the Senate Executive committee and agreed upon in advance at the beginning of each academic year.

B. Committee chairs will attend the Senate meetings to answer questions pertaining to committee business when such business comes before the Senate.


Discussion concerning informing Senate committee chairs that they need to report to the Senate; any suggestions send to J. Miller.

Discussion on the procedure by which functional area representatives are voted into Senate and into service on Senate committees.

Old Business

Curriculum Committee

  1. Proposal CC10-14 was a change in the rquired accounting courses for the fourth semester in the two-year accounting program.  It is not affected by Gen Ed changes. Motion to accept: J. Backus-Foster; seconded: J. Morgan; approved.
  2. Proposal CC10-13 was for program changes in the Bachelor's degree program and is being re-worked to fit the new Gen Ed requirements that were passes 3-13-2011. 

Service of MC Staff

Next meeting -- April 25, 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 5:12 p.m.

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Jared Yando, Presider

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