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Budget and Planning Committee Report February 2006

SUNY Delhi
Annual Budget and Planning Committee
Report to College Senate for 2006-07
February 13, 2006

Submitted by
Pat Heath and Chris Shields, Co-Chairs

Brian Hutzley, Cabinet Liaison
Carol Bishop
Roger Brain
Linnea Goodwin Burwood
Peg Garramone
Rick Golding
Marty Greenfield
Jackie Howard
Judy Lindsay
Pat Mente
Pam Peters
Ron Rosenblum

February 13, 2006

To our College Senate colleagues,

Table of Contents

I.     Major Themes and Unit Goals
II.   Assessment Overview
III.  Staffing Recommendations
IV.  Resource Requests

I.  Major Themes and Unit Goals

As the Committee reviewed each unit’s top priorities and future directions, every unit plan touched on one or more of the following issues: Technology and the Web, Budget, Program Expansion and Enrollment Growth, Training, Communication and Maintenance.

A. Technology and the Web

1.  Web Support and development.

  • The need for better and more interactive division web sites continues to be an issue for most units.  Few, if any, departments have dedicated staff for web design. It is a struggle for departments to find time to develop/support web design and online learning.
  • In addition, and perhaps more critical is the growing need for online learning instructional development. Online courses are expanding and are expected to reach new highs with the push for online BBA/BT programs.  
  • It is hoped that the current model of self support and a web advisory group will become more effective given time.  It is critical that a web-position be approved and filled. The position should be independent, and work cooperatively with CIS and all campus units. Recognizing that a dedicated web developer is not a panacea, units will still need to be involved with design and content management.
  • The emphasis must be on critical technology improvements and improved tools for students and parents (recruitment, financial aid).  A prioritization process needs to address the conflicts between online learning development and unit requests for web development.

2.  Major upgrades of technology systems are being planned, including:
                        College Web Omni Update Conversion (underway)

  • Windows NG Migration (2006-07)
  • Banner 7 Upgrade (spring 2006)
  • New Telecom System (spring 2006)
  • Library Aleph 16 Implementation (spring/summer 2006)
  • SUNY 5-year Strategic Plan Upgrade (e.g. online purchasing)
  • Email upgrade (2006-07)
  • All of these systems will require staff and campus training, and patience while CIS staff is potentially pulled away from daily technical support to manage these new systems.

3. The lack of a disaster plan including campus network and data must be addressed.  ADTAC is currently taking the lead on an IT disaster plan but does not have the expertise to develop.

4. A Technology Capital fund is needed for ongoing upgrades and planned technology infrastructure similar to capital facilities budget.

CABINET:       Though conceptually agreed, any funding for a Technology Capital Fund will have to come from existing revenue.  There are no “new monies.”

5. In light of the importance of information technology across campus, and in an effort to evaluate all the units who depend on technology, we recommend more coordination and communication among campus units.  We also hope to achieve a better understanding of the role played by the various technology advisory committees in campus planning:  Printing, Web, AdTac, ATAC, Distance Learning.  The committee will attempt to facilitate this coordination through the unit planning process next year.

B.  Budget Issues

CABINET:       The College’s strategic plan is contingent upon SUNY’s approval of MOU II.  When finalized, the Strategic Planning Committee will reconvene to develop a 5-year plan for the College.

C. Program Expansion and Enrollment Growth

This theme repeats from last year.  Several academic divisions are planning and expanding new programs. Enrollment growth is projected to increase steadily, and as enrollment increases and more programs are added, the impact on units that support this growth is of increasing concern as bulleted below:

Expansion and enrollment growth necessitate proactive communication and analysis of impacts across the campus.

Several other themes in the unit plans are worthy of note:




Student Employment

II. Assessment Overview

III. Staffing Requests

Summary of Staffing Requests and Recommendations – By Funding Source

                                           State             DIFR      Other            Total





TOTALS                               16.25               0.00        1.00              17.25

Other Comments (not included above):

IV. Resource Requests

Contact Info
Jared Yando, Presider

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