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Withdrawal: On-line Programs
Withdrawal Information for Students Enrolled in On-Line Programs

Follow the steps as outlined below:

1. Tuition and Fee Refunds: Tuition and fee refunds are calculated from the date of withdrawal. Please see the schedules below for refund rates based on your current schedule. (For withdrawal through "Special Refund" or "Leave of Absence" see your advisor for more information.)

Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule - Full Semester Classes

1st Week of classes  =  100%
2nd Week of classes =  70%
3rd Week of classes  =  50%
4th Week of classes  =  30%
5th and subsequent weeks = No refunds

Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule - 8 week term

1st Week of classes   = 100%
2nd Week of classes  = 40%
3rd Week of classes  = 20%
4th and subsequent weeks = No Refunds

Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule - 7 week term

1st Week of classes  = 100%
2nd Week of classes = 35%
3rd and subsequent weeks = No Refunds

**Special Notice to Students with Title IV Financial Aid**
(Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Subsidized Stafford Loans, Perkins Loan, PLUS Loans, Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, ACG Grant, and SMART grants.)
Federal regulations state that a student is eligible to receive aid based upon the amount of time in school. If you withdraw prior to the end of the semester you may not be allowed to keep all of your federal student aid which may create a liability due to the school. Any refunds of financial aid you received may need to be returned to the school. Please contact the Student Accounts office if you are considering withdrawing to see how this may affect you.

Repayment of unearned financial aid is due on the date of notification. Failure to remit promptly may result in late fees or lead to other collection efforts.

2. Financial Aid: YOU MUST CONTACT A FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR AND THE COLLEGE BURSAR. If you received a student loan, you will be required to begin making payments on your loan six months from the day you withdraw (unless you return to college during that time). Failure to make loan payments can result in loss of eligibility for future semesters. Prior to re-entering college, it is your responsibility to notify your lender/financial institution bank that you have returned to college. (When you plan to return to college, it is very important that you contact the financial aid office as soon as possible as you may need to complete additional paperwork to receive aid for future semesters.) PLEASE NOTE: Withdrawing from college can result in ineligibility for aid for the following semester.

3. Library: Be sure to return all materials. Call the library at x4635 if you are not sure what you have. If materials are not returned, the cost to replace the items will be deducted from your refund (if owed), or you will receive a bill at home.

4. Grades: When you withdraw before mid-term, you will receive a "W" or "WI" on your transcript. If you withdraw after the mid-term date, you will receive either a "WI- Withdrawn by Instructor;" "WP- Withdrawn Passing;" "WF- Withdrawn Failing;" or "F- Failure." (If you have completed a half-semester course, you will receive the grades earned for that course.)

5. Book Refunds: Full refunds will be given during the first 3 weeks on textbooks providing that the student has the "Cash Register Receipt", a current student ID and the book(s) meet the following criteria: The book(s) must be in absolutely new condition with no marks, erasures, whiteouts, etc. and must still have the Campus Store price sticker on the book and the book must have been sold for the current term. After the first 3 weeks, refunds are made at the discretion of the manager on a case by case basis.

6. Readmission to the College: If you would like to return to the College, you must complete a petition for readmission to the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will notify you of the status of your application.

For questions or concerns, please call 1 - 800 - 96DELHI

7. Click on the below button to be directed to the online form.





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