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College Name
State University of New York at Delhi or SUNY Delhi are the official names for the college as recommended by faculty and staff in 2002 and formally adopted by the President’s Cabinet. These are the only two names that should be used when communicating with prospective students, current students and their families, as well as alumni, the community and public officials.

College Logo
The SUNY Delhi Graphic Identity Standards Guide has been developed to assist the campus community in using the college logo. Please refer to the graphics standards manual for the best information for use. 

Printing of the logo in alternate colors, shapes, sizes and fonts requires prior approval by the Office of College Relations & Advancement.

The logo should never be used to imply endorsement of a product or service not provided by SUNY Delhi, or incorporated into another logo, without prior approval by the Office of College Relations & Advancement.

Use of the logo by other than authorized college employees is prohibited unless approved in writing by the Vice President of College Relations & Advancement. Likewise, the development of additional logos for departments, functions of the college, etc. must be approved in advance by the Vice President for College Relations & Advancement.

Authorization and access to logos are available by calling the Office of College Relations & Advancement at 607-746-4520.

Athletic Logo
The athletic logo, the Bronco, may be used only by the Athletic Department, Campus Store or by special permission from the Office of College Relations & Advancement. It should not be used in place of, or alongside of, the SUNY Delhi logo. The Bronco is a unique symbol for the college’s athletic teams, and as such, should not be used to represent academic or administrative units of the college, nor by individuals employed by the college. Exceptions for athletic-related events must be approved by the Office of College Relations & Advancement. 

Communications Policies
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