Delhi Logo
The Logo

The SUNY Delhi logo is made up of three components: the Ribbons, the Wordmark and the SUNY Designator. The Ribbons were developed in 2006 and evoke a sense of “forward motion.” Resembling a pair of wings or two pathways, the yellow ribbon is always “leading” the green ribbon, reflecting Delhi’s commitment to fostering strong student/faculty connections and the development of great leaders.

Logo Components 

Control Area

To ensure it remains highly visible and prominent within a design, the SUNY Delhi logo requires a protective field of open space around it. This open space is called “the Control Area.” No other visual elements may appear in the Control Area. The Control Area is a border of empty space that is equal to the width (x) of the letter “D” in the Delhi wordmark (below).

Logo with Control Area defined




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Last Updated: 2/19/16