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Recycling: How To
Paper and Co-Mingles

Look for receptacles for paper and co-mingles (glass, cans and bottles) at locations, both indoor and out, throughout the campus.

Do Recycle                                                             Don't Recycle

 All glass containers



 Anything with food waste in it


 Pizza boxes

 All metal containers

 Yogurt cups

 Tin and aluminum cans

 Coffee cup lids

 Any plastic containers with necks


 Beverage bottles

 Food containers

 Detergent and dish-soap containers


 Any paper or cardboard without food waste

Cups such as cold beverage cups

 Note or copier paper

 Grocery bags

 Junk mail

 Anything you can reuse

 Newspapers and magazines



We recycle batteries (including metal halide, lithium and cadmium batteries).  These can be taken to the Environmental Health and Safety Office located in the Wall Service Annex.  Campus generated batteries ONLY, please. Regular alkaline batteries can still go in the trash.  Please contact Vince Olechnowicz (X4014) for assistance.


Cardboard must be clean and dry.  Cardboard containers are located behind Sanford, Farrell and MacDonald Halls, but all building custodians recycle cardboard.  Cardboard collected at Bush Hall and Evenden Tower are stored in the garbage rooms.  At the residence halls, cardboard is stacked next to the respective dumpsters.  Cardboard is picked up from these locations every Thursday.

Computers and Electronic Wastes

Electronic wastes, including computers, monitors, cell phones, etc. may be taken to Bush Hall, Room 18. Please contact Vince Olechnowicz (X4014) for assistance. Campus generated waste ONLY, please.

Construction Materials

A roll off container for C & D waste is located between Wall Service Complex and Smith Hall.  Almost anything but garbage and metal can go in this dumpster (wood, plastic, shingles, furniture, as long as the metal is stripped off).  Please contact Ritchie Gabriel (X4030) for assistance.  Campus generated wastes ONLY, please.


Llight bulbs (including fluorescent bulbs, mercury vapor, metal halide, high pressure sodium bulbs and ballasts) are recycled.  Call the Environmental Health and Safety Office (X4014) for assistance or see your building custodian. Incandescent bulbs can be put in the trash.  Campus generated wastes ONLY, please.


A specific dumpster for recycling metal is located in the yard between Smith Hall and Wall Service Complex.  Please contact Ritchie Gabriel (X4030) for information or assistance.

Motor Oil and Automotive Batteries

These are recycled from Wall Service Complex and from the Automotive Lab located at the Valley Campus. Please contact Ritchie Gabriel (X4030) for information or assistance

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Last Updated: 2/19/16