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Congress passed Public Law 110-69, The America COMPETES Act on August 9, 2007.  This law mandates that institutions receiving funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) for students (undergraduate and graduate) and postdoctoral researchers who are supported by the NSF. 
Effective January 4, 2010, SUNY Delhi must certify on all proposals to the NSF that it has a plan to provide appropriate RCR training. To comply with this requirement, Research Foundation of SUNY Delhi is requiring that all students and post doctoral researchers paid by salary or stipend from a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored project must complete an approved RCR training program.  Generally, this training consists of nine topic areas covering:   Data Acquisition and Management, Conflict of Interest and Commitment, Human Subject Research, Laboratory Animal Welfare, Research Misconduct, Publication Practices and Authorship, Mentor/Trainee Responsibilities, Peer Review, and Collaborative Science. This requirement applies to awards resulting from proposals submitted after January 4, 2010 (“qualifying awards”).

Students and postdoctoral researchers supported on qualifying awards are required to complete the on-line RCR training program provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

The required training must be completed within the first three months of employment/support on the qualifying award or earlier if circumstances dictate (e.g. summer employment).
Documentation of completion of this requirement will be maintained by the Grants, Research, and Sponsored Programs Office (GRSP) via the CITI database. Additionally, a certificate of completion may be printed from the CITI site.  A copy of the certificate should be kept by the trainee and the PI. 

Procedures for Compliance
The responsibility for assuring compliance is a cooperative effort involving principal investigators, students, post doctoral researchers, department administrators, and the GRSP Office. The following procedures define the roles and responsibilities of each of these parties.  


Consequences of Non-compliance
Adherence to this plan is a specific condition of the NSF award.  Failure to comply may result in sanctions imposed by SUNY Research Foundation, such as restricting access to grant funds, or revocation of the award by the sponsoring agency.



Last Updated: 6/11/12