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Fall 2015 Delhi & Cobleskill Calendar for Lynn & Jan
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Lynn Berger, Director of Employee Relations and Affirmative Action
Delhi phone: 607.746.4494
Cobleskill phone: 518.255.5465
Jan Elwell, Operations Manager
Delhi phone: 607.746.4499
Cobleskill phone: 518.255.5414
Jessica Reckeweg, Personnel Assistant
Phone: 607.746.4493
Ellen Giambalvo, Administrative Aide
Phone: 607.746.4495
Alayna Weingates, Office Assistant 2 - Calculations
Phone: 607.746.4497
Human Resources Fax: 607.746.4158

How May We Help You?

The following guide is designed to assist you in directing your questions and concerns. If you are not sure who to contact, please contact Ellen Giambalvo at 607-746-4495 or She will be happy to assist you!

If you would like to set up a meeting with a Human Resources staff member, feel free to contact them directly or contact Ellen Giambalvo at 607-746-4495 or


Compensation: Elwell
CSEA benefits: Elwell
Deferred Compensation: Weingates
Dental Insurance: Elwell
Health Insurance: Elwell
M/C benefits: Elwell
MC Life Insurance: Elwell
PBA benefits: Elwell
PIP/PEP/HOP: Weingates
Prescription Coverage: Elwell
Professional Dev. Grants: Elwell
Retirement (enrolling): Weingates
Retirement (loans): Weingates
Retirement (counseling): Elwell
SRAs: Weingates
TDAs: Weingates
Tuition: Weingates
UUP Benefits: Elwell


Discrimination: Berger
Domestic Violence: Berger
Ethics: Berger
Financial Disclosure: Berger
Harassment: Berger
Records Management: Elwell
Sexual Harassment/Assault: Berger
Title IX: Berger
Workplace Violence: Berger

Employee Relations

CSEA contract questions: Berger
CSEA employee questions: Berger
CSEA employee counseling: Berger
CSEA employee discipline: Berger
CSEA grievances: Berger
General concerns: Berger
M/C employee questions: Berger
M/C employee counseling: Berger
PBA contract questions: Berger
PBA employee questions: Berger
PBA employee counseling: Berger
PBA employee discipline: Berger
PBA grievances: Berger
Social media (use of): Berger
Students (HR related): Berger
Team building: Berger
UUP contract questions: Berger
UUP employee questions: Berger
UUP employee counseling: Berger
UUP employee discipline: Berger
UUP grievances: Berger

New Employees

Appointment letters: Giambalvo
Compensation: Elwell
Concierge: Giambalvo
Contracts (questions): Elwell
Contracts (paperwork): Giambalvo
Mentors: Giambalvo
Offers: Elwell
Orientation: Giambalvo
Payroll: Weingates

Payroll / Paychecks / Compensation

Adjunct payroll: Weingates
Deductions (faculty/staff): Weingates
Deductions (students): Weingates
Extra service payment: Weingates
Faculty payroll: Weingates
On-call/Recall payment: Weingates
On-call/Recall questions: Elwell
Overtime: Weingates
Student payroll: Weingates
Taxes (faculty/staff): Weingates
Taxes (students): Weingates
Temporary service payroll: Weingates
Timesheets ? classified: Weingates
Timesheets ? professional: Giambalvo


Advertising (contents): Elwell
Advertising (placement) : Giambalvo
Adjuncts: Elwell
Affirmative Action: Berger
Appointments (paperwork): Giambalvo
Appointments (questions): Elwell
Civil Service (canvass lists): Elwell
Compensation: Elwell
Criminal background checks: Elwell
Extra Service contracts: Elwell
Interviewing Techniques: Berger
Postings: Giambalvo
Promotions: Elwell
Reclassifications: Elwell
Renewals (questions): Elwell
Renewals (paperwork): Giambalvo
Search Committees (charging): Elwell
Social Media Checks: Elwell
Temporary Service: Elwell


Employee relations: Berger
Galaxy funding: Weingates
Job postings: Giambalvo
Paychecks: Weingates
Payroll (paperwork): Giambalvo
Student assistant funding: Weingates
Summer employment: Weingates
Title IX (discrimination/harassment): Berger
Work study assignments: Weingates
Work study payroll: Weingates
Workplace Violence: Berger

Time Off Accruals

Accruals (classified): Weingates
Accruals (faculty/prof): Giambalvo
Balances (classified): Weingates
Balances (faculty/prof): Giambalvo
Comp Time (accrual): Weingates
Comp Time (use): Elwell
CSEA: Weingates
Excessive Absenteeism: Berger
Holidays (use): Elwell
Holiday Comp Time (use): Elwell
Personal (accruals/balances): Weingates
M/C: Giambalvo
Online time and attendance: Giambalvo
Personal leave (use): Elwell
PBA: Weingates
Sick Leave abuse: Berger
Sick leave(accruals/balances): Weingates
Sick leave (use): Elwell
Supervisory Questions: Elwell
SUNY HR (portal): Giambalvo
Use (questions): Elwell
UUP: GIambalvo
Vacation (accruals/balances): Weingates
Vacation (use): Elwell


Domestic Violence: Berger
Harassment: Berger
Mandated: Berger
Sexual Harassment/Assault: Berger
Staff Development: Giambalvo
Team/Skill Specific: Berger


Additional Info

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Ethics in State Government
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Guidelines for Search Committees
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Mail Handling Protocols
Resources and Organizations
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Staff Development
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Violence & Harassment Prevention

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Contact Info
P: 607-746-4495 
F: 607-746-4158



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