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Project Sunlight

What is Project Sunlight?

Project Sunlight is a government-mandated component of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 that all state agencies must comply with. It is an online database that provides the public with an opportunity to see what entities and individuals are interacting with government decision-makers. For the text of the law, see Chapter 399 Part A, section 4 of the Laws of 2011.


What is covered by Project Sunlight?

In order for an interaction to be covered by Project Sunlight, it must:

What does this mean?

For our campus, we are most focused on complying with Project Sunlight for procurement purposes. When there is communication with a vendor (known as a "vendor appearance") via video or in person this communication must be reported. Written communications such as letters, faxes, forms and emails are not considered appearances and telephone conversations are now optional for SUNY to report.
Please fill out and submit the appearance form to your appropriate campus liaison within 24 hours of communication. Communication via phone is optional to report and letter, email or fax does not need to be reported.

For capital construction-related projects, contact Steve Smith.
For IT purchases, contact Vinny Basile.
For all other purchases, contact John Villanti.

For additional information, click here to view the FAQs related to Project Sunlight. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting to further discuss Project Sunlight, please contact John Villanti at or x4620.

Preferred Sources:
NYS Industries for the Disabled
NYS Industries for the Blind
OGS NYS Contracts


Ann Kochersberger
Purchasing Associate
(607) 746-4502
(607) 746-4515 (fax)

Cheryl Dietzman
Purchasing & Accounts Payable
(607) 746-4501
(607) 746-4515 (fax)

John Villanti
Contracts Coordinator
(607) 746-4620
(607) 746-4515 (fax)

Last Updated: 2/4/14