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QuikPay - Steps to Access

How to make payments online as a Student through Quikpay

  1. Log in to BroncoWeb - you will need your student ID and 6-digit password. Your ID and Pin number can be found in your SUNY Delhi acceptance letter. If you don't have this please visit Registrar's Office's FAQ's

 bronco log in

2. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid" tab at the top of menu

student tab 

3. Click on "Student Account" link


4. Click on "View Your Bill"

If you are not directed to the QuikPay secure site, please make sure you have turned off any “Pop-Up Blocker” settings for the web page below. Pop-Up blocker settings can be found under “tools” on your internet browser. Some browsers may require going to “Tools” then, “Internet Options”.

 View Your Bill

5. You are now logged into Quikpay: where you can view your current account activity, view and print bills and make payment. To see current account activity, please click on “View Accounts”, then “Account Status”:

account status

6. To view your current billing statement, Click on “Current Statement”:

current statement

7. To view/print a .PDF version of your bill please click on “Printable Version”:


8. Click on the “Make Payment” option on the Left menu OR by selecting “Make Payment” from the drop down menu labeled “Account Actions” – you can make payments to your account and also pay for deposits:

make payment

9. Enter Term you are paying for, amount, and select your Payment method (Credit Card or E- Check (using checking or savings account information):

payment amount

10. Sign up Authorized Payers to receive, view and pay bills on your behalf, click on “Authorize Payers”:

Authorize payer

Once you have clicked on “Authorize Payers”, you will need to enter the Payer’s name, email address, and set them up with a username and password and click “Add” at the bottom. An email notification will be sent to them giving them the link to access your account and the username you set up for them.  For added security, they will be prompted to contact you, the student, to retrieve the password you created for them.  They should change the password once they have accessed Quikpay.

add authorized

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Last Updated: 6/21/16