Delhi Advantage College in High School Program

Delhi Advantage College in High School Program

Allows highly motivated, academically successful high school students to take challenging, college-level courses while attending high school.

  • High school students take SUNY Delhi courses at their high school, earning college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit.
  • Course are offered at the high school, during normal high school hours, and are taught by a high school teacher who is a Delhi Advantage Instructor
  • Delhi Advantage Instructors work with SUNY Delhi faculty to ensure the courses offered in the high school are the same as the courses offered at the college
  • Students register in the high school with their Delhi Advantage Instructor or their guidance counselor
  • Students pay a reduced tuition rate for the college credit
  • Credit earned can be transferred to many colleges and universities throughout the country

Fall 2017 DEADLINES: (No Exceptions)

CJUS 100, Introduction to Criminal Justice: Last day to Register is January 19, 2018

Delhi Advantage College in High School: (Classes taught in High School or via BOCES DL):  Last day to register is February 9, 2018

To qualify for registration in one or more of these courses, high school students with a minimum B average (83 or higher). Parents and students should speak with their school's guidance department about course selection and availability.

These courses are transferable to SUNY Delhi, and to most other colleges. Each institution sets its own policies on transfer credit, but in general, a grade of C or better is required to transfer a course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the courses he/she enrolls in will transfer to the college he/she plans to attend.

For more information, please contact your high school administrator or the Delhi Advantage Liaison at (607) 746-4545 or

The following links provide more specific program information for students, guidance counselors, and instructors:

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