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Center of Excellence in Watershed Applications and Technology-Based Economic Revitalization

The COE in WATER represents an innovative partnership between SUNY Delhi and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse. The COE in WATER is committed to stimulating economic development in rural upstate New York, while protecting the New York City watershed and addressing SUNY’s objectives for renewable energy.

The current COE in WATER initiatives have received support from New York City's Department of Environmental Protection, as well as state and federal start-up funding. The COE in WATER currently has five major components:

Subsurface Disposal and Golf Course Irrigation System

The pumping of waste water from the Delhi Waste Water Treatment Plant, for storage and use in golf course irrigation, will allow the Village of Delhi to accept up to 250,000 gallons per day of new effluent from business and industry, meeting the area's economic growth and business expansion needs.

Biomass Gasification

A biomass gasification project will provide a model of renewable, sustainable energy use in the area.   The technology can be transferred to the surrounding community for use by local businesses, and will allow growth at reduced costs in both environmental and economic terms.

Willow and Forest Biomass

Fuel for the biomass gasification project, in addition to being provided by local agricultural and forest wastes, may be grown by farmers within the local area. Part of a 10,000-acre statewide willow installation by the SUNY Center for Sustainable and Renewable Energy, a Salix (willow) planting at SUNY Delhi's lower campus will provide a living laboratory and demonstration site for this potential cash crop, which can allow economically productive use of fallow cropland while providing erosion control and increased water filtering capacity, positively impacting regional water quality. 

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