Omicron Xi Omega - OXO

Omicron Xi Omega - OXO

Omicron Xi OmegaOXO Rock

Founded: 1996 at SUNY Delhi
Re-Founded in 2002

Colors: Red, Black, White and Silver

Mascots: Raven

Pillars: Truth, Encouragement, Support, Higher Education

Motto: I will never turn my back on my sister

Chapter Leadership

President: Aimee Nau
Vice President: Paige Bryan
Secretary: Olivia Martinez
Treasurer: Shania Mahon
SOFA: Kristin Bazar
Community Service: Kailyn Raum
Greek Council Rep: Ashley Berkowitz
New Member Educator: Shania Mahon 
Faculty Advisor: Christina Viafore

Chapter Email:

Omicron Xi Omega - Spring 2016


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