Tri-Atelier Fraternity

Tri-Atelier Fraternity

triatTri-Atelier Fraternity

Founded: 1938 at SUNY Delhi
Refounded: May 5, 2011 at SUNY Delhi

Colors: Green and White

Symbol: Delta superimposed with a torch

Mission: Construction, Architecture and the Trades

Motto: Trust, Respect and Integrity

Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity

Chapter Leadership

President: Kyle Donnelly
Vice President: Kevin Link
Secretary: Andrew So
Treasurer: Andrew So
SOFA: Mike Panagiotakis
Community Service: Charlie Clark
Greek Council Rep: Brandon Gauthier
New Member Educator: Tim Bishop
Faculty Advisor: Jared Yando

Chapter Website: Tri-Atelier Fraternity

Tri-Atelier Fraternity - Spring 2016


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