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Frequently Asked Questions about SUNY NY Alert

SUNY NY Alert Registration: Enroll in SUNY Delhi's Emergency Notification System. Those who were signed up last year should verify their status and contact information.

To enroll or verify your information, log in to Bronco Web and click on Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY Alert).

For more information, you can visit NY Alert FAQs or you may pick up information in Human Resources (103 Bush) or the CADI office (141 Sanford). If you have any difficulties enrolling online, please contact the Help Desk at 4835.

At SUNY Delhi, the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and guests is of top priority. To further improve personal and campus safety measures, SUNY Delhi is participating in SUNY NY Alert, an emergency information system that sends automated voice messages, emails, text and fax messages to those who enroll each semester in the service. This system will be employed in the event of critical campus emergencies and times of severe weather conditions which result in class cancellations.


What exactly is SUNY NY Alert?

SUNY NY Alert is an emergency alert system based on the NY-Alert system established by the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO). SUNY campuses can make use of the system to send emergency and protective action messages as well as safety information to students and employees.


What type of emergency/safety information will be broadcast?

Alert notifications will pertain only to critical or potentially life threatening events, such as the categories identified below. "All Clear" or additional follow-up messages pertaining to the end of the event or additional instructions regarding the event may also be sent. General notifications of campus non-emergency events are not acceptable via the SUNY NY-Alert service.

Examples of SUNY NY-Alert events include:


Is it mandatory for Delhi students, faculty and staff to participate?

No. Participation is voluntary and strongly encouraged. Individuals enroll through Bronco Web at SUNY Delhi's web site, The college's employees may also do so through Human Resources or the CADI office.


Why must one sign up to receive notifications?

Because the program is voluntary but highly individualized with personal contact information, students, faculty and staff need to sign up individually. Individuals can rest assured that their personal contact information will not be stored in the college's main information management program, Banner, or used for any other purpose than receiving SUNY NY Alert notifications.


How do I sign up for SUNY NY Alert?

If you are a student or employee of SUNY Delhi, you can sign up for SUNY NY Alert through Bronco Web. Go to  Click 'Bronco Web'.  Enter your USER ID, which is your SUNY Delhi 800 ID Number, and your PIN. Click on "Personal Information" in the top navigation bar, scroll down on the page and click the link for 'NY-ALERT: Emergency Contact Information' 


Once I sign up will I ever have to sign up again?

Yes, you will be asked to sign up at the beginning of each semester each time you log into Bronco Web. This is for your protection as many individuals have a change in contact information, such as cell numbers. Also in this way, individuals who leave the college will not remain in the notification system indefinitely.


Am I already registered?

If you are unsure if you are currently registered to receive SUNY Delhi NY Alert notices, go to  Click 'Bronco Web'.  Enter your USER ID, which is your SUNY Delhi 800 ID Number, and your PIN. Click on "Personal Information" in the top navigation bar, scroll down on the page and click the link for 'NY-ALERT: Emergency Contact Information' 


What contact information do I give?

You may enter up to three telephone numbers, two email addresses, four text message numbers and one fax number. You may choose work, home or cellular contact information or a combination thereof. It's up to you. It doesn't matter what order you list your contact information in since the system will dial them all at approximately the same time. Currently, text messaging is the least reliable technology for receiving alerts and has a 100 character maximum.


What happens if I don't answer the phone when an emergency notification is sent out?

If you have voice mail, the message will be left in your voice mail. The voice notification system will begin 3 seconds after a line has been picked up, regardless if it is a person or answering machine. Therefore participants may hear only part of a message. If you do not have voice mail, the system will redial each number up to three times before moving on to the next number.


How many attempts does the alert system make when calling?

If there is no answer or a busy signal, SEMO will continue to try to contact each phone number for a maximum of 3 times.


How will I know I'm getting an email from SUNY NY Alert?

Email messages from SUNY NY Alert will have in the "From" field.


How reliable is text messaging in the case of an emergency?

SUNY NY Alert has the ability to text message you as part of this alert system. When signing up for this service, you may enter your phone number in the text message field. You should be aware; however, that texting is the least reliable means of getting this emergency information. Texting is limited to a certain number of characters. Therefore the information you receive by text will be short and not necessarily give you complete information. You should always check your email once you receive a text message from the alert system. Additionally, phone calls sent by cell providers will take precedence over text messages.


What can I expect in a text message from SUNY NY Alert?

You can expect abbreviated information concerning the emergency that is limited to the number of characters your phone accepts in one text. If you receive a text message regarding an emergency situation on campus, you should check your email as soon as possible.


How do I update my information?

You can go into Bronco Web and update your information as often as you choose. The latest information will override any previous information you have entered. Be certain to keep your information as accurate as possible.


Will I automatically be enrolled in SUNY NY Alert as soon as I sign up?

No. The names and contact information of those who sign up through Bronco Web are submitted to SEMO by SUNY Delhi on Friday afternoons at 5 p.m. If you sign up after the list is sent to SEMO, your name and information will be sent the following Friday, per the procedure SUNY has established with SEMO.


Will it cost me anything to participate?

SUNY NY Alert is being provided as a FREE service to campuses so there is no enrollment fee. However, specific contract details are still being worked out with cell and text service providers so airtime charges may apply for some messages.


Will SUNY Delhi test the emergency notification system?

Yes. SUNY Delhi will conduct periodic tests of the system, at least once per semester. Notification of the test will precede the actual test.


Will SUNY NY Alert replace other means of communication that SUNY Delhi uses to notify the campus community?

No. SUNY NY Alert will augment the other means of notifications the college currently uses including campus voice mail, email messages, the college web page, flyers, radio, etc.


Who should I contact if I have additional questions about SUNY NY Alert?

You should contact the SUNY Delhi Help Desk at 607-746-4835 or



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