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This Exception Request is a courtesy extended to on-campus students for devices without browsers (excluding Riverview). SUNY Delhi does not guarantee any service or Internet use, which is not academic by nature, to operate correctly on Bronco Wireless. SUNY Delhi reserves the right to deny any exception request.

Bronco Wireless Device Exception Request

This request must be made every year you live on-campus.  You may register starting 2 weeks before the beginning of classes.

Use this form to request an exception for non-computer Internet-enabled devices in Bronco Wireless.

Exceptions will NOT be made for WiFi-enabled phones (such as an iPhone, Android, etc.), Tablets, PCs, Blu-Ray Players, Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, Smart TVs or any other device we deem will degrade the service of others or choose not to grant access.

Listing of common systems:

If your device has a browser, you may log into Bronco Wireless via the browser.

PS3, PS4 & Wii U: Have a built-in web browser. As the these devices have a way to access Bronco Wireless we do not register them. Select Bronco Wireless for your wireless connection.  Open browser, enter and login to Bronco Wireless.

DS: Testing has been limited, but these have worked with our wireless system.

3DS: Testing has been limited, but these do NOT always work with our wireless system.

PSP: Testing has been limited, but these have worked with our wireless system.

Wii: Do not work with our wireless system.

Xbox One: Testing has been limited, but these have worked with our wireless system.

Xbox 360Built-in wireless: These DO work with our system.

White wireless adapters: These DO work with our system. (Do NOT submit MAC address on back of adapter, submit address found by following the below instructions)

Black wireless adapters: In the past these have not worked, but recent reports from a few individuals confirmed they were working for them. 



How to find your Wireless MAC address:

The below instructions may change. If they are incorrect please email

Xbox 360:

Your Xbox must have a wireless network adapter (see above for what works with our system).

1. System Settings
2. Network Settings
3. Choose Bronco Wireless
4. Additional Settings TAB
5. Move down and select Advanced Settings
6. In the white area of screen the MAC address is displayed


1. Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings
2. Select Configure Network
3. Under Basic Settings, check to make sure the IP Settings are set on Automatic
4. Choose the Additional Settings tab
5. Select Advanced Settings
6. Select Wireless Information
7. The MAC address should be displayed here


1. System Settings
2. Internet tab
3. Options
4. System Information


1. Settings
2. System Settings
3. System Information

If you are still unable to find your MAC address after using these instructions, please refer to your product manual or contact the manufacturer of your device. If you are unable to deliver this information to us, we will not support locating this information for you.

Last Updated: 4/26/16