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Bronco Wireless

Logging on to Bronco Wireless:

Connect to SSID: Bronco Wireless

Open your browser
- you will be automatically directed to the SUNY Delhi Bronco Wireless login page
      - if no login page comes up, enter address

Enter your User Name and Password

User Name:

Is the first part of your email address (ex: jm34)

Your student email address. (ex:
Unsure of your email? Log into Bronco Web, click “Personal Information”, then “View E-Mail Addresses”, look under “SUNY Delhi Student E-mail System”

Password: Your numeric Bronco Web PIN

Check box to accept the terms of SUNY Delhi’s Bronco Wireless Usage Policy

Click ‘Log-in’ -You will be redirected to the SUNY Delhi’s Bronco Wireless page and can then surf the Internet

What does Logging on to Bronco Wireless do?

By logging on to Bronco Wireless you are agreeing to abide by the "Terms of Usage" found in the Bronco Wireless Usage Policy. This policy can be found on the Bronco Wireless Website by following the General Information link. If you have questions regarding any aspect of this Usage Policy, contact the Bronco Wireless office.

Remember: The Bronco Wireless network is monitored and violators of SUNY Delhi and Bronco Wireless policies will be denied service and referred to the appropriate authority. Violators may also be liable for any associated costs.

What if I can't logon?
Check the error message directly below the User Name box for more information.

Last Updated: 2/22/16