Strategic Plan

SUNY Delhi Strategic Framework

Branching out from our Roots, Creating a Culture of Change


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In June 2017, the college campus endeavored to develop a new idea and model for collaborative strategic planning that would span eighteen months and involve six phases of engagement, assessment, forecasting, and research. President Michael R. Laliberte and Provost Kelli Ligeikis were newly appointed at that time. Their leadership helped to inspire an era of transformation. Through this process, we identified the issues and challenges facing higher education and more importantly, SUNY Delhi students, faculty, staff, and its many partners.

This has been a highly successful and engaging process, with the message being “trust the process.”  The process included discovery and sensemaking phases that provided:

  • 32 Discovery Information/SWOT analysis sessions
  • 330 survey responses to five strategic questions
  • 25 volunteers hosting feedback coffee chats
  • 12 Horizon Thinking Sessions across all the divisions
  • More than 30 Theme Team Meetings, with over 75 faculty and staff creating 10 Reports, giving a 360° view of the priorities that were identified by the campus community
  • Over 816 responses/people have been engaged in the process to date, including students, staff and faculty from all the divisions, departments, and operational areas on the campus
  • Discussion, word crafting, and 400 responses and feedback from campus students, faculty and staff on the values, and mission and vision statements

These processes and the intentional collaborations have supported a culture of thoughtful analysis and an energy of change. Gratitude and appreciation is extended to the many students, champions, subject matter experts, faculty, and staff who contributed their time and efforts to what has been called SUNY Delhi’s Renaissance.

Dynamic and Sustainable Planning

SUNY Delhi’s Strategic Framework is designed to be dynamic, actionable, and sustainable.  We believe that transformation, improvement, critical thinking, and collaboration are qualities that cannot be limited to a codified plan that fits in a binder and sits neatly on a shelf. 

The campus community has developed a framework that can sustain change and the collective empowerment and investment that enlivens engagement, investment, and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

We have kept things simple. We are integrating eight strategic themes within the existing organizational assessment and budgeting processes. Now it is time to work within this framework and allow the energy, ideas, its leaders and champions to advance the college as it strives to be continually relevant and responsive to the needs of its students, faculty, staff, and partners.

With the newly created Office of Assessment and Curriculum, as well as a budget resource matrix and planning process, we will dovetail on the work to date within the Renaissance. Time on task for these new leaders to help inform the framework, and make it actionable is needed.

SUNY Delhi Strategic Framework: Values, Vision, and Mission

Awarding associate's, baccalaureate, and master's degrees, SUNY Delhi combines strengths in technology with dynamic curricula in arts, sciences, and selected professions. Our vibrant and diverse campus community provides an environment where living and learning flourish. Online and off-site programs provide expanding educational opportunities. The following outlines our values, mission, and vision.  We also have identified the eight areas that are ongoing, as well as the backbone of our future.

SUNY Delhi Values

  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Determination
  • Diversity
  • Learning

Our Vision

SUNY Delhi Transforms Lives.

This vision is supported through a thriving, dynamic, and growing educational hub that provides students opportunities, achieves faculty and staff excellence, and connects with its communities, and strategic investment of its resources.

SUNY Delhi’s Mission

Our philosophical anchor supports a student-centered institution where the student is the most important person at SUNY Delhi.  SUNY Delhi’s mission catalyzes this belief by:

“Focusing on grit and determination, SUNY Delhi engages its inclusive community through hands-on teaching and learning.”

Strategic Themes

  • Investing in Facilities - Providing students, faculty, and staff with optimal living and learning environments.
  • Investing in People - Fostering a welcoming, safe, respectful, fun, and inclusive community.
  • Human Resources – Recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse workforce.
  • Telling Our Story – Advancing participation in efforts that positively elevate the campus profile.
  • Student Potential – Developing and inspiring students to reach their full potential.
  • Enrollment - Engaging in activities that recruit, retain and graduate our students.
  • Academic Programs - Innovating, delivering, and sustaining relevant and cutting-edge curricula.
  • Modes of Delivery - Developing, instituting, and supporting academic programs that are provided at non-traditional times, days, and manner.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

  • Communication: Graduates will communicate effectively and professionally using verbal, reading comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Critical Thinking: Graduates will solve problems by analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating information and ideas.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Graduates will apply mathematical techniques to interpret and utilize information represented as data, graphs, tables, and schematics.
  • Civic Engagement: Through interaction with diverse populations, graduates will contribute to society in an ethical, professional, and constructive manner.
  • Technology: Graduates will effectively utilize existing and emerging technologies.
  • Sustainability: Graduates will be exposed to the relationships between environmental and economic trends and the impact on their cultures and communities.