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College Mission & Strategic Plan

SUNY Delhi College Mission & Strategic Plan

Branching out from our Roots, Creating a Culture of Change

SUNY Delhi’s Strategic Framework is designed to be dynamic, actionable, and sustainable.  We believe that transformation, improvement, critical thinking, and collaboration are qualities that cannot be limited to a codified plan that fits in a binder and sits neatly on a shelf.

The campus community has developed a strategic framework that can sustain change and the collective empowerment and investment that enlivens engagement, investment, and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

We have kept things simple. We have integrated six strategic themes within the existing organizational assessment and budgeting processes. SUNY Delhi works within this framework and allows the energy, ideas, its leaders, and champions to advance the college as it strives to be continually relevant and responsive to the needs of its students, faculty, staff, and partners.

Table of Contents

Values, Vision, and Mission Statement

Awarding associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees, SUNY Delhi combines strengths in technology with dynamic curricula in liberal arts, sciences, and selected professions. Our vibrant and diverse campus community provides an environment where living and learning flourish. Online and off-site programs provide expanding educational opportunities.

The following outlines our values, mission, and vision.

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SUNY Delhi’s Values

  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Learning
  • Determination

SUNY Delhi’s Vision

SUNY Delhi Transforms Lives. This vision is supported through a thriving, dynamic, and growing educational hub that provides students opportunities, achieves faculty and staff excellence, and connects with its communities.

SUNY Delhi’s Mission

Our philosophical anchor supports a student-centered institution where the student is the most important person at SUNY Delhi. SUNY Delhi’s mission catalyzes this belief by: “Focusing on grit and determination, SUNY Delhi engages its inclusive community through hands-on teaching and learning.”

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Our Strategic Themes

THEME 1: Investing in People:

Fostering a welcoming, safe, respectful, fun, and inclusive community.

Outcome 1.1 | Retain a talented and diverse workforce through training, development, and support.

Outcome 1.2 | Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all.

Outcome 1.3 | Provide a safe community for all.

THEME 2: Investing in Facilities:

Providing students, faculty, and staff with optimal living and learning environments.

Outcome 2.1 | Provide optimal living environments for students.

Outcome 2.2 | Support and maintain a physical infrastructure that provides a commitment to educational excellence.

Outcome 2.3 | Foster a student-centered learning environment.

Outcome 2.4 | Provide a financially and environmentally sustainable University to provide an optimal living and learning environment.

THEME 3: Academic Programs:

Innovating, delivering, and sustaining relevant and cutting-edge curricula.

Outcome 3.1 | Promote academic policies and educational effectiveness assessment to evaluate relevant and sustainable academic programs and services.

Outcome 3.2 | Support the five schools within the University to deliver relevant and cutting-edge curricula, as well as effective academic partnerships and community engagement.

Outcome 3.3 | Develop, institute, and support academic programs that are provided at non-traditional times, days, and manner.

Outcome 3.4 | Offer hands-on, applied learning opportunities to students to enhance their education.

THEME 4: Enrollment:

Engaging in activities that recruit, retain, and graduate our students.

Outcome 4.1 | Recruit students showing promise and potential into academic programs.

Outcome 4.2 | Retain students to degree completion.

Outcome 4.3 | Graduate students within national norms.

THEME 5: Student Potential:

Developing and inspiring students to reach their full potential.

Outcome 5.1 | Provide opportunities for students to excel in the academic arena.

Outcome 5.2 | Provide enriching opportunities for students to excel beyond the classroom.

Outcome 5.3 | Institutionalize support for students to develop their full potential.

THEME 6: Storytelling:

Advancing and participating in efforts that positively elevate the campus profile.

Outcome 6.1 | Tell the SUNY Delhi story.

Outcome 6.2 | Engage in efforts that promote SUNY Delhi students, faculty & staff, and the greater Delhi community.

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Strategic Planning Committee Team Members

Initial Planning Team Facilitation, Coaching, and Content Management Members:

Michael Laliberte, President
George Spielman, Assistant to the President
Carol Bishop, Vice President for Finance & Administration (Co-Chair)
Ellen Liberatori, Director of Grants & Sponsored Programs (Co-Chair)

On-Campus Team Members:

Jessica Backus-Foster, Associate Professor, Hospitality
Shawn Brislin, Chief Information Officer
Cody Conrad, Instructional Support Associate
Peter Daempfle, Professor, Science
Dave DeForest, Assistant Professor, Applied Sciences
Amanda DeWald, Assistant Professor, Welding
Kenny Fass, Web Operations Manager/Print Shop Manager
Misty Fields, Associate Director of Admissions & Enrollment Services
Carrie Fishner, Director, Resnick Library
Karen Gabriel, Assistant Director of Health Services
Doug Gulotty, Associate Professor, Business
Terry Hamblin, Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Janet Ho, Professor, Architecture
David Krzyston, Associate Professor, Electrical Technologies
Adam Lang, Scholarship Coordinator
Julia Lang, Store Manager, Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Judy Lindsay, Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Morgan McKee, Capital Construction Staff Assistant
Bret Meckel, Dean/Professor, School of Veterinary & Applied Sciences
Mary Morton, Director of Human Resources & Affirmative Action
Rob Munro, Head Coach of Cross Country/Track & Field
Glenda Roberts, Director, Outreach & Workforce Development
Lisa Tessier, Associate Professor, Art
Michael Tweed, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Christina Viafore, Director of Human Resources & Marketing, CADI
Ben West, Associate Professor, English
Will Wilson, Maintenance Helper

Online Team Members:

Jill Basile, Program Advisor, School of Nursing
Amanda Calabrese, Sr. Assistant Librarian, Resnick Library
Patricia DeAngelis, Professor, Criminal Justice
Cheryle Levitt, Associate Dean/Professor, School of Nursing
Katherine Quartuccio, Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Strategic Plan Assessment Workgroup Members

Katie McGowan Bucci, Dean of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (Chair)
Carol Bishop, Vice President for Finance & Administration
JoAnna Brosnan, Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Stephen Cembrinski, Budget Director
Chris Cormier, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Susan Deane, Interim Provost/Dean, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Hoyt, Assistant to the VP for Student Life
Ellen Liberatori, Director of Grants & Sponsored Programs
George Spielman, Assistant to the President
Cassie VanBlarcum, Assistant Professor, Welding
Christina Viafore, Director of Human Resources & Marketing, CADI

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

  • Communication: Graduates will communicate effectively and professionally using verbal, reading comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Critical Thinking: Graduates will solve problems by analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating information and ideas.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Graduates will apply mathematical techniques to interpret and utilize information represented as data, graphs, tables, and schematics.
  • Civic Engagement: Through interaction with diverse populations, graduates will contribute to society in an ethical, professional, and constructive manner.
  • Technology: Graduates will effectively utilize existing and emerging technologies.
  • Sustainability: Explain how long-term economic, social, and environmental efficiencies are imperative to their future careers.