Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

The four goals we want to achieve:

1.  Achieve an annual return rate of 61% for first-time full-time baccalaureate degree seeking students

2.  Achieve an annual return rate of 50% of students who had between 7% and 57% of financial need met

3.  Achieve an annual return rate of 70% for Black, non-Hispanic students

4.  Achieve an annual return rate increase of 3%, this is for all students

There are six main strategies that we want the entire campus to focus on:

Strategy 1

  • Align the admissions process and all promotions with students' perceptions of actual experience

Strategy 2

  • Improve advising to ensure systematic interactions within the first six weeks of each semester (use of Retention RT)

Strategy 3

  • Promote and strengthen academic advising support offered through the Resnick Academic Achievement Center

Strategy 4

  • Develop survival programming for students who are academically at risk both before and after they enter Delhi

Strategy 5

  • Develop approaches to address unmet financial needs (scholarships, loans, counseling and campus employment)

Strategy 6

  • Develop a method to identify students' false perceptions of academic majors and then create tools to decrease the prevalence of those false perceptions