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Welcome to the College Senate!

The College Senate website contains information and resources related to governance on the SUNY Delhi campus. The College Senate is composed of the following elected members of the campus community: faculty and professional staff representatives, administration, and students. All College Senate meetings are open to the campus community. Please see the “Meeting Schedule” link for a list of when meetings will occur each semester. Meetings generally occur twice a month on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. Meeting minutes can be found under the “Meeting Minutes” link.

College Senate Description

The SUNY Delhi College Senate is a governance body that invites academic and non-academic members of the campus community to the table to discuss issues surrounding academic programs, policies, procedures, resources, and proposals.  New initiatives, endeavors, and other professional matters that relate to and impact the institution are also brought to the Senate for discussion so that action can be taken or recommendations can be made to the College Leadership Team, which includes the President and Provost of SUNY Delhi.

Shared Governance

Our goal is Shared Governance, which is a proactive, collaborative approach that incorporates all viewpoints and expertise into important decisions and policies, and works to build consensus among all constituencies from the beginning of a planning process.
Some ways that the College Senate responds to issues and concerns from the campus include working with the SUNY University Faculty Senate (UFS), working with the Union (UUP), meeting and discussing concerns with Administration, working with the Student Senate, writing resolutions, requesting information, and working with internal and external Senate committees.

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