Professional Development Grant (PDG)

Professional Development Grant (PDG) Guidelines

Professional Development Guidelines

Professional Development Grants are available to faculty, staff and adjuncts to help offset the cost of participation in workshops, programs, or conferences. Requests should be directly related to the applicant’s evolving role and responsibilities, and should enrich not only the funded individual, but the college as a whole.

Submission Deadlines

Event/Activity Start Dates Requests Submitted Academic Council Review by
July 1 – September 30 Prior to May 31 First week of June
October 1 – December 31 Prior to August 31 First week of September
January 1 – March 31 Prior to November 30 First week of December
April 1 – June 30 Prior to February 28 First week of March


  • Annual PDG funding period is July 1 – June 30. Funds will be evenly distributed between the four quarters listed above. At current funding levels, $8,750 will be allocated to each quarter.
  • Awards are limited to a maximum of $500 per event/activity to cover registration and related travel expenses. GSA Per Diem rates apply regarding lodging, meals, and incidentals.
  • Requestors are eligible for up to two awards per year, one in the July 1 – December 31 time period and another in the January 1 – June 30 time period.
  • Requests are to be submitted to Glenda Roberts in Outreach & Workforce Development.
  • Late submissions may be made past the submission date for that quarter pending availability of funds, and will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Deans/Academic Council meeting. Late requests must be submitted a minimum of four weeks before the event/activity.
  • Any unused funds at the end of the quarter will be rolled into the next quarter.
  • This is a reimbursement grant, which means that the applicant will incur expenses first, either personally or on a travel card, and reimbursements up to $500 will be paid toward each request based on actual expenditures.

How to Apply for a Professional Development Grant

Step 1

Step 2

Complete Travel Request or provide budget information that includes all anticipated expenditures associated with the request (registration, fees, travel, etc.).

  • If travel is required, the applicant shall complete and attach a Travel Request Form with supporting documentation (agenda, request to exceed maximum lodging rates, fleet vehicle confirmation/denial, airfare, meals, etc.)
  • The “Approvals/Limits by Funding Source” section at the bottom of the Travel Request must be completed to indicate all funding sources. The total dollar amount of funding sources must equal the total estimated cost of the trip.
  • Account numbers and signatures of all account approvers must be obtained before the request is submitted.
  • Include your requested PDG amount on one of the lines (account # 900800-01). The authorized PDG signature will be added after Academic Council approval. Please note - If your anticipated total expenses are $1,000, you are to assume that you receive the maximum PDG of $500 (or the lesser amount requested). Identify where the remaining $500 will come from.  If your supervisor commits and signs off to cover $300 from their OTPS account, that means the remaining $200 will be covered by you personally.  These three funding sources (PDG, OTPS, personal) must be listed in this lower section.
  • If travel is not required, the applicant shall attach a budget/invoice with supporting documentation that shows the total amount of the event/activity.

Step 3

Submit completed PDG form and supporting documentation to Glenda Roberts (142B Bush Hall) for review and submission to Academic Council for approval/denial. Please note - registrations, hotel reservations and travel cannot be made until all parties have approved the request.  If arrangements are made before all parties have approved the request, the applicant shall bear the responsibility of paying the full cost of the associated professional development activity related to all unapproved amounts. Applicant will receive a confirmation or denial notification from the Outreach & Workforce Development Department (Barbara Scherer) via email.

Step 4

After event/activity is completed:

  • For activities/events with travel, submit completed Travel Voucher with documentation to Purchasing/Accounts Payable.
  • For activities/events without travel, submit a completed Purchase Requisition to Outreach & Workforce Development (Glenda Roberts).