SUNY Delhi Rabies Vaccination Policy

Effective January 1, 2022, the AVMA-CVTEA (accrediting body for the SUNY Delhi Veterinary Technology Program) initiated a requirement that ALL veterinary technology students receive pre-exposure rabies virus vaccination prior to working directly with animals in their academic program. This policy is now in effect for all accredited Vet Tech Programs in the US and Canada.

For all students attending the Veterinary Technology Program at SUNY Delhi, the prophylactic series of rabies vaccination will now be REQUIRED for all students in their first semester. SUNY Delhi has created a plan to ensure that all Vet Tech students are vaccinated as quickly as possible upon initiation of the academic program. The FAQ below will explain more about the virus and plan for SUNY Delhi students:

What is rabies virus? Rabies is a virus that can transmit from animals to humans through bites and/or contact with saliva. There is no simple treatment for rabies and most human cases are fatal.

What is rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis vaccination? The rabies prophylaxis vaccination is a series of 3 injections given over 3-4 weeks.

How will I get vaccinated? SUNY Delhi has created a lab fee ($1000) that will be associated with a first semester class (BIOL 218 Animal Anatomy and Physiology). Students will receive the 3-shot series at the Student Health Center on campus upon starting the Veterinary Technology Program. The fee will be charged to the student’s account and qualifies for financial aid. If the cost of the vaccine is less than $1000, any balance will be refunded to the student’s account.

Can I get the shots on my own or through my doctor? Yes, some health insurances will cover the vaccination series for Veterinary Technology students, so it is worth checking with your insurer. The cost without health insurance can be very expensive, so students should consider using the Student Health Center instead. Students who are able to receive the full series of pre-exposure vaccines will not need to receive vaccines on campus; however, they will need to show proof of vaccination to the Student Health Center prior to starting the academic program.

Can I request a waiver of the vaccination? Students may request a waiver of the vaccination series through the Student Health Center. Cases will be considered on an individual basis.

If you have questions regarding your specific medical situation or this policy please contact:

Student Health Center – Foreman Hall (medical questions)

School of Veterinary and Applied Sciences –SUNY Delhi (questions about policy)

Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall