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SUNY Delhi’s Second Century Plan 2010-2015:
A Great Place to Learn, Work, and Live

SUNY Delhi’s smart growth plan is built on the college’s success in establishing a unique niche in the rapidly changing environment of higher education. Delhi focuses resources on delivering a select range of high quality academic programs from the certificate through the master’s degree level. These programs serve the students’ educational goals and New York State’s workforce needs in both the classroom setting and through delivery systems that overcome barriers of space and time. Smart growth envisions sustained enrollment growth based upon Delhi’s historic success in offering academic excellence, student access and exceptional educational value. Smart growth assures maximum use of campus and SUNY-wide resources by optimizing multiple opportunities to deliver premier programs. Growth consistent with this plan will generate and attract resources capable of meeting the college’s overarching goals for student success.

Aspirational Goals 2010-2015 -- SUNY Delhi will be a leader in:

Engaging Students for Success by:

Achieving Academic Excellence by:

Sustaining Educational Innovation by:

Building Strategic Partnerships by:

Promoting Environmental Stewardship by:

Accomplishing Service Excellence and Operational Efficiencies by:


Revised 10/19/2010

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