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Vice President's Message

Vice President's Message

Welcome to SUNY Delhi! Whether competing in Athletics, to your living and dining experience here on campus, to your safety and well-being, or to the many engagement and involvement opportunities that are available to you, we are passionate about providing you with the best college experience possible, because our purpose is to support your success as students. The following departments fall under the Division of Student Life and are here to support you during your SUNY Delhi journey.


The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement and Athletics provide numerous opportunities to make new friends, learn about something different, serve others, and be a part of the greater Bronco community. Most importantly, they help you develop important essential skills like leadership and critical thinking, which, along with your SUNY Delhi degree, will distinguish you from other graduates when you apply for your first “dream” job.


Residence Life, CADI, Kunsela Hall Pool and Fitness Center offer places to meet, live, eat, exercise, relax and recreate: a home away from home. Growing up, my father used to say “Mi Casa su Casa” (my house is your house) and for the next four years we want you to feel like “there’s no place like SUNY Delhi” (thank you, Dorothy and Toto).


Student Health and Counseling Services provide professional and personal care for both your physical and mental health. You will probably never have such high-quality service and support literally at your “doorstep.” I encourage you to use them in a proactive way. No problem or concern is too small and the last thing we want is for some minor unattended issue to become a larger problem that impacts your health and success as a student in a negative way.


Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed for students who have the ability and talent to succeed in college, but have had limited academic and financial options to prove their dedication. It provides supplemental support in the areas of tutoring, counseling and financial aid to eligible students.


Finally, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and University Police support and nurture a safe and welcoming environment that supports learning both in and outside of the classroom. If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, are in a difficult situation, or just do not know where to start, please visit the Student Life office or our on-campus police station.


I have designated office hours for students only on Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. in person (Bush 146) and via Zoom (see BroncoConnect for event & link). I also have a free “Dine with the VP for Student Life and CDO” once a week during lunch at either Farrell or MacDonald Hall. If you are interested, just email me at I also attend as many student programs and events as I can during the week, and when I am not on campus can be found with my partner Cara and three children Diego, Zavi and Paloma enjoying life in the greater Delaware County area.

Wishing you “good effort” and much success as you embark upon or continue your SUNY Delhi journey.


Dr. Tomás A. Aguirre
Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer
SUNY Delhi