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Our community partners sometimes have internships that are year long, semester long, or project based.  The opportunity to establish a working relationship with an area non-profit can be extremely valuable to guiding you in your career.

AmeriCorps is a great way to gain experience, earn a stipend and an award to help pay back student loans or to pay for graduate work.  Currnently there are several great opportunities in the area for this summer.  Go to for more details and come to the OCCE if you have any questions!

Current Opportunities for Fall 2014:

If you are interested in a credit-bearing (1 -3 credits) internship for the Fall, read the following and let me know if you would like to apply for one of the programs!   We have had several very successful internships through The Arc of Delaware County.

                                                           FOR FALL 2014 SEMESTER
WHERE:   The Arc of Delaware County (The Arc), a nationally prominent human services organization  supporting Pre-K children and adults with disabilities in Delaware County (various locations).
****Carousel Children’s Services: A Pre-K program for children with disabilities that shares the exciting new SUNY DC4 child care facility on the Back River Road SUNY Delhi campus.  Work under the guidance of the Carousel staff as you learn about working with young children in an educational setting, help with stimulating program activities, classroom projects and programs all geared to create early learning---often in tandem with the children at DC4.  Program would start in late September, 2014 after appropriate interviews and opportunities to visit the program and meet staff.  The Internship would last the entire semester and entail approximately 120-140 hours of weekly scheduled time during the semester. Transportation would be required.
****Community Living Skills in Walton (CLSW):  One of The Arc’s 4 adult day learning centers that provides learning and community programming for approximately 75 adults with varying disabilities.  Learning focuses on building social and academic skills in a caring, positive environment.  The Intern would be supervised by a member of CLSW’s senior staff who would provide for training, program observations, special project development, and active participation in CLSW’s classroom.  Be part of a dedicated team that “makes a difference every day” in people’s lives and helps people with disabilities lead personally fulfilling lives.  The Internship would start in late September, 2014 following interviews and an opportunity to visit CLSW.  The Internship would last the entire semester and entail approximately 120-140 of weekly scheduled time during the semester.  Transportation would be required.
****Community Relations Department in Hamden:   As an Intern in The Arc’s Community Relations Department, you will be part of a team responsible for a wide range of vital communications activities focusing on:  its 200+ employees, The Arc’s 600 Members, The Arc’s Board of Directors (which includes SUNY Delhi staff!), the Delaware County community at large, The Arc’s program participants and their families and care providers, community partners---who provide volunteer, learning and paid work opportunities, and The Delaware County public school districts.  Through its various programs this department is responsible for spreading The Arc’s mission to its various constituencies, assisting in recruitment programs, placing advertisements in local print and broadcast media, and maintaining The Arc’s extensive online media---it’s website: ), Flickr and  You Tube.  In addition, the department helps develop training materials and videos used in The Arc’s programming and in its prominent consulting and training programs here and throughout the country.  The internship would start in September, 2014 following interviews, for the entire fall semester and would entail 120-140 hours of weekly scheduled time during the semester.  Excellent verbal, written and communications skills would be a plus. Transportation would be required.

The Day Program at The ARC of Delaware County (Walton, Hamden and Arkville) - Between 9:30 - 3:30, Monday - Friday (flexible)  This internship is set up to be 'learning while doing".  
Department: Day Programs
Contact  Person: Molly Little, Director of Day Services
Intern Supervisor : Respective  Program  Directors
Intern position description: learn about  people with developmental disabilities as local citizens  of Delaware County.
Location: The Day Programs at DelArc. (Walton, Hamden, Arkville)

Specific skills or qualifications required: A strong desire to examine  oneself. the ability to create relationships quickly, creative  thinking talents, patience and persistence, written and verbal communication skills.     

Preferred day(s) of week: Monday thru Friday (flexible). Preferred time of day: Between 9:30-3:30.
Other: (i.e. request for specific student, school, etc.)  N/A

This internship is set up to be "learning while doing". The goals of this program are for the student to:
1}   Understand and articulate their personal clinical gestalt (explore personal bias, thoughts, values, etc.) It's important to identify one's gestalt so we are clear with our relationship with people with disabilities. We want to be partners and allies and enhance citizenship of people with disabilities.
2}    Participate in Person Centered Planning (formal sessions and informal information gathering)
and develop person first mindset. Co-teach classes on topics of interest for people we support.
3}   Learn to work with people with developmental disabilities to acquire new skills and grow as citizens.

Description: Mechanic

Department: Transportation
Contact  Person: Alan Shaver
Intern Supervisor: David Hotaling
Where  Internship would  be located: Hamden
Specific Skills  Required:Mechanical Knowledge of automotive and truck diagnostics, repair and preventive maintenance                                                                                                                                                                                                            Preferred time of day:9-3 M - F (open)
#of Hours per week: (open)
Intern would gain experience, general and specific knowledge of servicing, diagnostic, repair, and preventative maintenance of heavy, medium  and light duty vehicles, buses, cars, trucks, and small engines.

Hands on experience or exposure to include, but not limited to:
•    Electrical systems, wiring schematics- reading/drawing
•    Computer/Scanner Diagnostic Programs
•    A/C -leak detection/repair/recharge
•    Air and hydraulic brake systems
•    Fuel Systems
•    Diesel and gas engine  maintenance and  repair
•    NYS Vehicle Safety/Emissions Inspection Programs
•    Shop, equipment maintenance, and safety  practices
•    Parts inventory/Fleet maintenance programs
•    Related  available  resources in expertise and educational programs













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